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Find coupons and earn cash back.

Gail Newbold Jan 1, 2017

Dixie Reynolds rolls out of bed with a sense of dread. Her 2003 Honda Civic needs new tires, and they won’t be cheap. Suddenly she remembers her Zions Bank AmaZing Deals app. She quickly scrolls through looking for tire deals. Yes! Ten percent off, up to $100, at Firestone. A few hours later she drives off the Firestone lot feeling happily smug about the money she saved.

Feeling her stomach rumble, she checks her AmaZing Deals app again. Dickey’s BBQ offers $4 off. She calls a friend to join her for lunch, then stops at Sassy Nails for a manicure where she saves $5, then at Forever Young where she picks up a pair of shoes at 10 percent off.*

And so it goes. At the end of the day, Dixie nets an additional $50 on purchases she would have made anyway. And during the course of a month, she could save hundreds of dollars. In fact, Zions Bank cardholders collectively earn about $1,000,000 in rewards annually from more than 2,500 merchant locations in Utah and Idaho offering discounts. Since the program was launched in 2005, Zions cardholders have earned millions in merchant-funded rewards.

Simple to Use*

One of the beautiful things about the AmaZing Deals program is its simplicity, according to Rob Brough, executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications. There is no enrollment fee to participate and no out-of-pocket cost (a minimal monthly processing fee is deducted from your paid earnings only if a cash reward is paid). If you’re into savings, you can maximize your opportunities by searching for participating merchants in Utah and Idaho on your Zions Bank AmaZing Deals app or online at

“I’ve identified a handful of merchants I know are part of the program, and I visit them often,” Brough says. “You’ll find places by your house or work that are really a great deal.”

Coupons or Cash Back

Participating retail stores, restaurants, automotive shops, health and beauty providers enrolled in the program offer cardholders savings from 10 percent up to 50 percent. These can be in the form of instant “show your phone” coupons or cash-back deals. If you’re not tech savvy, don’t despair. You can review offers for cash back deals in the regional directory at your local financial center.

Online Cash Back Shopping

Maybe brick-and-mortar isn’t your thing. You prefer the comfort and ease of online shopping from your La-Z-Boy lounger. Visit and you could receive up to 20 percent cash back from national online retailers including, and to name just a few.

Not to Be Confused With AmaZing Rewards

It’s important for people to know that AmaZing Deals is not AmaZing Rewards. The two are often confused. AmaZing Deals is a cash back deals program when using your Zions Bank Visa debit card (requires a Zions Bank checking account) or Zions Bank Visa credit card (subject to credit approval) when you shop at participating merchants. The AmaZing Rewards program is specifically tied to the AmaZing Rewards credit card, which offers reward points for every dollar you spend using that card.

Just remember when using AmaZing Deals to sign your name to the transaction (as opposed to simply swiping your card.) PIN-based transactions don’t qualify. If there’s a PIN pad, swipe and select “credit” and sign your name

Show Me the Money

Cash rewards are typically credited to your account within 45 days of a qualifying purchase, but in the event of delays in payment by merchants, it may take up to 90 days or more to receive payment of an earned cash reward. Rewards and offers are established by participating merchants, are subject to change at any time, and may vary by location, day, time or event. See for a current list of participating merchants and program terms and conditions. To see details of your AmaZing Deals activity, login to

*Example of how a Zions Bank cardholder may use AmaZing Deals.

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