Speaking on Business: Latah Sanitation

Committed to Leaving the World in Better Shape than They Found It

Chris Redgrave Nov 1, 2017

Taking care of the earth is more than just a good idea or a slogan to the people who run Latah Sanitation in Moscow, Idaho. They are committed to leaving the world in better shape than they found it. This means that in addition to garbage collection, they focus on keeping solid waste out of the landfill as much as possible. That’s one reason they have extensive recycling and composting programs.

Operations Manager Andy Boyd says Latah Sanitation and its 45 employees serve thousands of clients in Northern Idaho. The company also runs Moscow Recycling and Clearwater Composting in Lewiston.

Andy Boyd

Educating the public is important to the company. It conducts presentations for school and community groups and sets up information booths at the county fair, schools and libraries. Twice a year Latah Sanitation publishes a newsletter to give customers updated information about its programs. Community groups can also schedule tours of the facility to observe how Latah Sanitation is working to provide a cleaner environment.

Joe Johnson is the company president and second-generation leader of the business. His father founded Latah Sanitation in 1966 and became an early adopter of recycling programs in the 1980s. The programs expanded even more when the company opened a larger facility in 1994. Today, it offers several diversion programs to help reduce the amount of garbage in the landfill. This saves customers money, because hauling trash to the landfill is the most expensive part of the process. When the city and county’s trash expense decreases, those savings are passed on to customers.

The team at Latah Sanitation is always ready to share their message about how people can work together to leave a healthier, cleaner environment.

Latah Sanitation
P.O. Box 8036
Moscow, ID 83843

Photos by Kevin Kiernan 

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