Take 5 with Zions Talent: Sierra Wells

Social media networking helped this recent college graduate land her position at Zions Bancorporation.

Trina Eyring Jan 21, 2021

Meet Sierra Wells, new graduate and Enterprise Loan Specialist.

I wanted to get to know Sierra after learning her path to joining Zions Bancorporation. Sierra graduated from Utah State University last spring with degrees in Finance and Economics. She knew she wanted a career in banking and was proactive in following companies of interest on LinkedIn.  

While scrolling, she saw a post from American Banker magazine recognizing Zions Bancorporation’s Most Powerful Women in Banking top team. She connected with Chief Information Officer Jennifer Smith with the intention of expanding her network. Jennifer accepted her invitation and she and Sierra started a dialogue about her career. Jennifer took the time to review Sierra’s resume and connected her with a member of the recruiting team. 

Within a month, Sierra had her first job out of college, joining our Enterprise Loan Operations Team.

I was impressed by Sierra’s initiative in owning her career through networking and relationship building. Sometimes all you have to do is take the first step to make a connection and ask for help. 

The relationship Sierra and Jennifer established virtually paved the way for Sierra to land an ideal job even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of Zions Bancorporation’s executives are willing to lend a hand in reviewing a resume, making introductions, and providing guidance.  

During our conversation, Sierra expressed her gratitude for Jennifer and our recruiting team member Debrah Trumble. She saw many of her colleagues from school unable to secure a job after graduation and is thrilled to begin her career with a dynamic, supportive team.

I’m confident Sierra will have a long and fulfilling career at Zions. On Sierra’s first day, her manager asked her where she wanted to take her career and he committed to helping her. In a short time, Sierra has seen our focus on career development and growth. I also know that Sierra understands the value of owning her career and taking steps to ensure she has a solid professional network.

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Trina Eyring is director of Recruiting for Zions Bancorporation.

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