Take 5 with Zions Talent: James Jackson III

Director of Recruiting Trina Eyring sits down with Zions Bancorporation’s Supplier Diversity Program manager to find out what makes him unique, what inspires him, and why he loves working at Zions.

Trina Eyring Sep 9, 2020

James Jackson III is Zions Bancorporation’s Supplier Diversity Program Manager. In addition to his contribution to Zions, James is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Utah Black Chamber.

He has been called upon during this time of racial unrest to guide our community through challenging and emotional issues. While speaking with James, it is clear to me that his commitment to our community runs deep.

A Utah native, James is passionate, cares about making a difference, and works hard to reach his goals. 

Since George Floyd’s death prompted protests across our nation, James has held weekly virtual calls to educate our community and others across the country on police reform and race relations. Many have come to him to seek advice and solace during an extraordinarily turbulent time. 

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Because of his calm presence and welcoming nature, James is sought out as an advocate and friend to many. We are very fortunate to have him as a team member at Zions. I will personally rely on his expertise as we enhance our diversity recruiting efforts across the company.

Here is a brief summary of our conversation.

What is unique about you?

I am patient and understanding enough to get along with most anyone. These traits have helped the Black Chamber be so impactful with no paid staff. This non-profit’s culture is built on strategic partnerships and collaboration that has allowed us access to every resource we’ve needed so far. I just can’t wrap my head around why many don’t apply this philosophy. We’ll get so much more accomplished if we work together. 

I’m also a self-starter and self-disciplined and I am my biggest competitor. I always know I can do better. I know that anything that I haven’t accomplished is because I limited myself. So, although I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes, I have loved ones that remind me that I am human and not perfect.

What are some of your interests when you’re not working?

I enjoy watching and playing sports, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water sports. I enjoy traveling, especially to a beach, and I love eating. I enjoy learning about new kinds of food and restaurants. I love food and I love to eat. It’s one of the main reasons I exercise every day. I want as much freedom as my body can handle to eat what I want!

What inspires and motivates you?

I am motivated when my calling serves a larger purpose than just for myself and my family but the whole community. I take it seriously and don’t want to let anyone down. I feel a lot of responsibility in both my work at Zions and with the Black Chamber. The last few months have been very emotional, but I am motivated to make a difference. 

What do you like most about working at Zions?

I love the community and culture and open-door connection with leadership. While our competition is mainly regional or national banks, we still maintain a community feel that allows us to stay more closely connected with those we serve. 

I also love that I have been able to establish relationships with the Executive Vice Presidents, Presidents, and CEOs across our Zions Bancorporation affiliates. I can greet them at their door, or they’ll respond to an email. This makes me feel good and feel I can make an impact at any level in the company.

I haven’t met an executive in the company that hasn’t taken the time to say more than just hello to me. They have always made time for at least a quick conversation and I either learn something from them or I just appreciate them taking a moment learn from me. Now I am never hesitant to provide feedback or give my input on anything.

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Trina Eyring is Director of Recruiting for Zions Bancorporation.

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