Take 5 with Zions Talent: Heather Kraus

Zions Bancorporation’s regional Learning and Development manager says she’s inspired by helping others succeed and grow in their careers.

Trina Eyring Oct 23, 2020

Heather Kraus is a fantastic example of the development opportunities available at Zions Bancorporation. Starting as a Teller and then working in Private Banking and other retail positions, Heather worked her way into her dream job in Learning and Development. In this role, she and her team work with business partners, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to identify business needs and then design and develop the training programs to support them.

With the help of the bank’s tuition assistance program she completed her bachelor’s degree and eventually her master’s degree in Instructional Design. She credits her successful career to a supportive manager who nudged her to focus on her education.

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What is unique about you?

I have been a banker for my entire adult life. I started as a teller right out of high school and have been in the industry ever since. I have held most positions in the retail bank and a few back-office roles as well. Even though I am now a regional Learning and Development manager I will always consider myself a banker at heart.

What motivates and inspires you?

I remember attending trainings on banking topics and was always intrigued by the instructors. They seemed to have the best, most exciting jobs. I loved how they could motivate our teams with their words and presentations. They were instrumental in supporting employees to be successful.

I realized that helping others succeed is what inspires me. That is why I enjoy being in Learning and Development so much. Now I can help others get promoted and grow in their careers.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

For me, it is absolutely my education. I started college but didn’t finish. When I decided to pursue my dream of working in Learning and Development, my manager strongly encouraged me to finish my degree.

I kept going and received my masters all with the help of the company’s tuition assistance program. I will always be grateful for my manager’s support and the company’s commitment to supporting my educational endeavors.

What do you like most about working for Zions Bancorporation?

I thoroughly enjoy the collaborative environment we have here. I am exposed to other teams and leadership.

During the Paycheck Protection Program, the Learning and Development team created content to educate our bankers on the loan program, process and procedures. Because there were so many moving pieces, we had to adopt an agile philosophy and adjust the curriculum in real time. By the time the training was completed, we had made over 80 modifications. 

We couldn’t have done this without the strong partnerships and relationships with other teams. We really work with such amazing people and they actually made this extremely challenging project very fun.

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Trina Eyring is director of Recruiting for Zions Bancorporation.

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