Take 5 With Zions Talent: Ty Brian

Director of Recruiting Trina Eyring sits down with Zions Bank’s Salt Lake Metro Region president to find out what makes him unique, what motivates him, and why he loves working at Zions Bank.

Trina Eyring May 6, 2020

I was fortunate to be able to sit down with Ty Brian before social distancing became an everyday word. He was such a genuine, friendly, and open person.   

Ty started at Zions Bank earlier this year taking on the significant role of Retail Banking Regional President for the Salt Lake Metro Region. It was very interesting to learn about Ty’s career path.

He actually began his career as a floating teller at Zions Bank, moved to a few other companies, came back to Zions Bank in Private Banking, left for another company, and came back again to lead our largest region. He knew Zions Bank was his home. 

We have many “boomerang” employees — those who leave but then come back because Zions Bank really is a fabulous place to work. The grass looks greener on the other side sometimes, but usually it’s an illusion! 

We are glad to have you back, Ty. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

What makes you a unique person in the world?

I grew up in Loa, Utah, which is a small rural community in Southern Utah located near Capital Reef National Park and Fish Lake. Loa has a population of approximately 600 people and my graduating class was 68. Loa is picturesque and was a great place to grow up full of outdoor recreation. 

My father comes from a family of 10 children and most of my aunts and uncles lived within a three-mile radius so I was surrounded by family and lots of cousins. After high school, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an MBA. I love to travel and have visited 5 of the 7 continents including going on an African safari and trekking through the Amazon jungle.  

What motivates and inspires you?

I am a people person and get my motivation from those around me. As a manager, I enjoy growing and developing people. I feel successful when I help those within the organization reach personal and professional goals. I believe we have a responsibility to help those around us and we have an obligation to them. I do my best to leave a situation, a group, or an organization better than I found it. Meaning, if I can help even one person overcome a challenge, reach a personal milestone, or obtain that promotion they have been working for, I feel like I accomplish that goal. 

What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

I value family and am highly motivated by family. My relationship with them is my greatest personal accomplishment. 

Education is also important to me. My grandmother and both of my parents instilled within me from a very young age the importance of getting an education. My grandmother was a college graduate, which for her time was quite an accomplishment, and my father was a first-generation college graduate. 

My parents gave me every opportunity to improve myself and continue my education. I made a goal as a young child to get a master’s degree and was able to achieve that goal which is something I value and am proud of.

Why do you love working at Zions Bank?

I have had a professional goal to work for Zions Bank for many years.  I love that we invest in people. I love our presence in my home state and in the community that I live in. I love that we help both small and large business owners reach their goals and dreams and help them grow their businesses. 

I love that we value the individual contributions of employees and that we provide a space to help them grow and reach their career goals. I love that our leadership takes an interest in people and makes a genuine interest to get to know them. I love that our company operates with honesty and integrity and strives to do the right thing for our shareholders, clients and employees. I am really happy to be back home. 

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Trina Eyring is Director of Recruiting for Zions Bancorporation.

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