Support Local Businesses: Stay In and Order Out

What once felt like a guilty pleasure might be the most powerful action a non-medical professional can take right now.

Kallee Feuz Mar 31, 2020

If there’s a silver lining to a global pandemic, it is this: Each person can help change the trajectory of the future. And what once felt like a guilty pleasure might be the most powerful action a non-medical professional can take right now: to stay home and order take out.

Watching Netflix with a carton of Chinese food doesn’t sound heroic? Consider this: COVID-19 threatens lives as well as livelihoods. When you stay in and order out, you help save both, thwarting the virus’s spread while sustaining local businesses.

Along with retail, transportation and travel businesses, restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic. The National Restaurant Association estimates that between 5 million and 7 million U.S. restaurant workers will lose their jobs in the U.S. over the next three months. In Idaho and Utah, some restaurants have already had to reduce hours or cut staff to make ends meet.

Luckily, small business owners are a scrappy set. Local restaurants are rapidly reinventing themselves and enhancing take out and drive-thru options.  

“Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19,” according to a statement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  

Consumers can do their part, too, to help preserve their favorite local flavors and support the local economy’s life-giving businesses. Consider ordering take-out or delivery from your favorite restaurant or buying gift cards for future use. Studies show that even small shifts in spending habits have a substantial economic impact.

Why Support Local Small Businesses?

Small and locally owned businesses boost the tax base, helping to improve schools, parks and overall quality of life. Often, local business owners are invested in the community long term. They’re active volunteers and leaders who champion business through organizations such as their local chambers. 

In addition, small businesses create jobs. In Utah and Idaho, 99 percent of businesses are small businesses, which employ more than half of workers in the Beehive and Gem states.

Independently owned businesses also lend vibrancy to a neighborhood, making it more attractive to tourists and making it feel like home for residents. Their unique character adds real value to our communities, making them better places to live.

Boost Local Restaurants and Earn a 10% Cash Back Bonus

We need our small businesses just as much as they need us right now. That’s why, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Zions Bank has super-charged its credit card rewards to local restaurants.

Between now and May 31, each time you use your Zions Bank credit card[cite::6042::cite] at a restaurant, you’ll get a 10% cash back bonus[cite::8685::cite]. Whether you order from a mom and pop operation or a national chain, Uber Eats® or Door Dash®, or maybe you want to buy a gift card for a friend or to use in the future, your purchase will qualify for this special offer.

Additionally, by using a Zions Bank credit card, you’ll have the advantage of paying with a touchless card, rather than cash that’s changed hands several times.

Learn more about how you can support local businesses and earn a 10% cash back bonus with a Zions Bank credit card.

Kallee Feuz is a Public Relations officer for Zions Bank.

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