Small Business Success Story: Dan Green Restorations

Dan Green has been passionate about restoring classic cars since he bought his first ‘66 Mustang as a teenager, and tries to treat every project as if it was his own.

Nicola McIntosh Jul 20, 2020

When Dan Green was a teenager, he bought a 1966 Mustang to fix up — against his father’s better judgement.

“I did it anyways,” Green recalls, “and it was actually a really good thing. I spent a lot of time with my dad when we worked on the first car and it was so much fun that I bought another old Mustang.”

So began a passion for restoring classic cars that grew from a hobby and into a full-time business with four employees, Dan Green Restorations in Salt Lake City.

Green talks about what sets him apart from the competition, his loyal clientele and how people can support his small business. 

man standing by a ford mustang
Dan Green

What do you want people to know about your company?

We provide the highest quality classic muscle car restorations, and we specialize in very rare Mustangs. I treat every project as if it were my own vehicle.

What separates you from your competitors?

I’ve seen many competitors come and go in 15 years, some even within a few blocks of my shop. I want each owner to know that I’m as excited about their project as they are and I want the best result, which is usually what they’re after.

We’ve had several clients that when we’re finished with their project they go through withdrawals, because they’ve been working with us for at least a year, coming by the shop and seeing the progress, or helping to find a part. One client loves to bring us lunch and he will hang out for 30 minutes. Another client in Wyoming will come down and see what’s going on at least once a week. 

men standing in front of a car
The Dan Green Restorations team

How can people help support your small business?

Keep spreading the word. The more people who know about my business, the better, even if they’re not a potential client. If they know who we are, that we do the highest quality work, and that we’re honest and fair, they might know somebody that has a muscle car project that needs our services. 

How have you adjusted your business in light of coronavirus?

We have for the most part stayed open but we’ve been a lot more cautious. We don’t really work closely together anyways but we’re just a little more careful about social distancing and frequently cleaning high-touch surfaces. My employees are also careful about what they do in their personal time to minimize exposure.

What was your experience working with your banker and Zions Bank on your Paycheck Protection Program loan and how did it help your business?

Zions Bank was ahead of the game on the PPP. My relationship manager contacted me and told me I should look into it. I was able to get it pretty quick and it has been great to have in a time of uncertainty. I’m really impressed at how organized Zions Bank was and how quickly they moved.

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Nicola McIntosh is Social Media manager for Zions Bank.

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