5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Banking Experience

Are you using these features that can help simplify how you manage your money?

Ali Hardy Jan 23, 2020

Article originally published on January 23, 2020 and refreshed on March 16, 2021.

If you’re a regular user of online banking, you’re probably aware of how easy it can be to monitor your account activity. But if you’re only using it to check your balance or view transactions, you’re likely missing out on many helpful and time-saving features that could simplify how you manage your money.

Explore these 5 ways to optimize your online banking experience.

Online Banking Optimization #1: Bill Pay

An online banking feature that makes life much easier is bill pay. Once you’ve signed into your online banking account, Zions Bank Bill Pay can be found under the Payments tab.

From there, you can set up and schedule payments for your bills. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use navigation, Zions Bank Bill Pay simplifies bill paying and saves time. The best part is there is no cost for Bill Pay.

In addition to paying your bills online, many payees are able to send e-bills directly to your Bill Pay account. You can set up automatic payments or get reminders so that you can pay when it’s convenient. Your Bill Pay payment will arrive on the scheduled date — no stamps or envelopes required.

Online Banking Optimization #2: Automatic transfers

Struggling to grow your savings account or set up an emergency fund? With automatic transfers, you can schedule regular deposits from your checking account to your savings account.

From your Zions Bank Online Banking account, select the “Transfers” tab then “Create Transfer.” After filling out the “from,” “to,” “transfer amount” and “delivery date” fields, check the box to “Make this a recurring transfer” and set the frequency.

Online Banking Optimization #3: Account Alerts

If you like to stay informed about your account balance, consider setting up account alerts with MyAlerts. This is a great online banking resource since it notifies you by email of various account changes, such as when your account dips below a certain balance.

You can also set up customizable alerts to notify you of your balance, so you know how much money is in your account.

To set up MyAlerts, log into your online banking account and select “Alerts & Messages” under the Home tab. From there, choose “Manage Account Alerts.” Choose one or more alerts to create from the “Create New Alert” dropdown. Select the options you want on the “Create Alert” window and then select “Submit.”

Online Banking Optimization #4: eDocuments

Another online banking feature that can help simplify your life is eDocuments. With eDocuments, you can opt to replace mailed paper statements with PDF versions, such as eStatements and eTax Documents.

An eStatement is a digital copy of your regular paper account statement. Both deposit and loan accounts are available as eStatements. An eTax Document is a bank-generated IRS form that can be used for tax purposes, such as a 1099-INT Interest Income, 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income, and 1098 Mortgage Statement.

To enroll in eDocuments, sign in to your online banking account and select “eDocuments” from under the Account tab. Choose “My eDocument Preferences” from the eDocuments menu to get started. Once set up, you’ll receive regular emails informing you when a new eDocument is available to view.

Online Banking Optimization #5: Apply for a Credit Card or Loan

Applying for a new credit card[cite::6042::cite], loan[cite::6043::cite] or deposit account[cite::8835::cite] is simple and easy within your Zions Bank online banking account.

Select “Apply Now” under the Services tab and then choose which product you’d like to apply for. You can learn more about Zions Bank products and compare your options.

Want to learn more? Explore the features of Zions Bank Online Banking or call 800-840-4999 for more information.

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