Take 5 with Zions Talent: Scott Hannay

Director of Recruiting Trina Eyring sits down with Zions Bancorporation’s leader of Enterprise Data Initiatives to find out what makes him unique, what distinguishes him professionally, and why he loves working at Zions.

Trina Eyring Feb 4, 2020

It was a pleasure to sit down with our new team member, Scott Hannay. Scott joined Zions Bancorporation in January as our Leader of Enterprise Data Initiatives and reports to our Chief Data Officer, in one of the most critical areas of our business. 

Scott grew up in Canada and was raised in Southern California where he was an amateur competitive surfer. Yes, we hire former surfers at Zions Bancorporation! He spent five years at Goldman Sachs and six years at Deloitte and received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon before joining our team.

Here is what Scott had to say when we sat down over lunch.

What makes you a unique person in the world?

Well, I lived with two separate tribes in Africa: the Himba in Namibia and a Bedouin Berber tribe in Morocco. But probably the most interesting thing about my life is my family.

Scott Hannay
Scott Hannay

I have a beautiful family with four kids that has come together through adoption, surrogacy, inspired doctors and an extended definition of what a family means. I’m very proud of that.

What are you known for professionally?

I would say I am recognized for business and technical strategy and implementation in banking. I’m also experienced in developing business and operations solutions using an intelligent and strategic combination of technologies. I am extremely passionate about big data structure analytics and correctly leveraging artificial intelligence for the future.

Why did you choose Zions Bancorporation?

Zions Bancorporation is laying a thoughtful foundation of technology, strategy, and talent to continue to be one of the strongest regional banks in the country now and in the future. Zions Bancorporation is the perfect sized bank. We are small enough to be nimble and address tailored customer needs and large enough to leverage advantages of centralization. I also appreciate the fact that Zions Bancorporation has and will continue to have a powerful and close-knit influence in the communities we serve. 

Welcome to Zions Bancorporation, Scott!

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Trina Eyring is Director of Recruiting for Zions Bancorporation.

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