Five Insider Amazon Selling Tips

Ken Johnson and Annalisa DeMarta of Ridgeline Insights are helping small businesses tap into opportunities through the online retail giant.

Malcolm Hong Aug 4, 2020

As a greater number of people spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses have successfully leveraged e-commerce to reach their customers.

To help small businesses tap into opportunities through, Zions Bank’s Idaho Business Resource Center held a virtual workshop featuring Ken Johnson and Annalisa DeMarta, co-founders of Ridgeline Insights.

Implementing effective practices on Amazon has helped Johnson and DeMarta dominate their market — their children’s rain boots are ranked #2 in Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry and #1 for Girl’s and Boy’s Boots on Amazon.      

Here are five insider tips they shared that can help you succeed.

Insider Amazon Selling Tip #1: Make sure you have a right to win

Before entering the Amazon market, analyze the category you’d like to enter and note the quantity of similar products, the brands generating the most revenue and unfilled customer needs.

DeMarta’s research revealed her market opportunity. “At the time we entered the market, there really weren’t any fun patterns for children’s boots,” she explains. “Our illustrator friends drew up some patterns that were truly epic, and when we launched, this was a true point of differentiation.” 

Annalisa DeMarta
Annalisa DeMarta

Insider Amazon Selling Tip #2: Identify a fulfillment strategy

Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson

As your business grows, it’s important to have an efficient way to get your products to customers. Fulfillment by Amazon is a popular option because it can subsidize your shopping fees, remove the hurdle of in-house shipping and expand access to Amazon Prime’s audience. But there are downsides that include fees for long-term storage and a possible increase in customer returns. 

Before choosing your strategy, evaluate factors such as the dimensions and weight of your product, the time it will take to replenish your inventory and whether you anticipate many returns.

Insider Amazon Selling Tip #3: Invest in your online storefront

Your online storefront is just as important as your brick-and-mortar location. The Amazon conversion rate can be as high as 20% and good design practices can help make a positive first impression.  

Create an immersive shopping experience by including slideshows, videos and testimonials. Being thoughtful in how you communicate your brand and product offerings can create a greater number of sales and repeat customers.

Insider Amazon Selling Tip #4: Build an effective product detail page

To make it easier to find your product, optimize your title and description for search engines. A short title is helpful because mobile users can only see the first 55-63 characters. In your product description, narrow down your selling features into five bullet points that incorporate your target keywords.  

Displaying infographics, lifestyle photos and a video can also improve your conversion rate.

Insider Amazon Selling Tip #5: Make it easier to get discovered

Approximately 80% of customers stay on the first page of Amazon’s search result, so improving your search ranking is a valuable investment.

The top four factors that influence your ranking are:

  • Product availability
  • Text match relevancy
  • Price
  • Sales velocity

Sales velocity is influenced by your fulfillment method, reviews, images, content, advertising and promotions. This means that a thoughtful, comprehensive approach will help you climb the rankings if you are consistent in your efforts.

Zions Bank’s Business Resource Centers can help you navigate the jungle

Entrepreneurship is akin to cutting a path through the jungle, but you don’t have to do it alone. Zions Bank has Business Resource Centers in Boise and Salt Lake City that can provide helpful insight as you blaze your path.   

To schedule an appointment with the Idaho Zions Bank Business Resource Center, call 208-501-7449 or email

To schedule an appointment with the Utah Zions Bank Business Resource Center, call 801-844-7900 or email

Malcolm Hong is a Public Relations officer for Zions Bank.

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