The Advantages of a Business Credit Card

The AmaZing benefits of choosing a credit card for your business.

Ali Hardy Jan 24, 2019

As a business owner, perhaps you’ve wondered what advantages there are to opening a business credit card — as opposed to just using a personal credit card for business purchases. The truth is, credit cards designed specifically for businesses often include better rewards, higher credit limits and more advanced reporting tools.

But if you’re still weighing the value of a business credit card versus a personal credit card, consider these three important benefits.

Business Credit Card Advantage #1: Ease

Business credit cards can simply make life easier for a business owner. Often, a business credit card can be easier to obtain than a line of credit or loan for your business. In addition, business credit cards may have much higher credit limits than personal credit cards, making large purchases easier for a business owner compared to using their personal card. Finally, keeping your business expenses separate from your personal credit card purchases makes tax time a little easier.

Business Credit Card Advantage #2: Perks

Depending on the type of business credit card you choose, there are often great perks available to business owners using a business credit card.

Zions Bank has three credit cards specifically designed for business owners, depending on what type of rewards they prefer.

  • AmaZing Rate Card for Business: The perk of this credit card is its low interest rate, currently 0 percent intro APR on purchases for six months, and a 12.49 percent variable APR after that. This card has no annual fee and a credit limit up to $250,000.
  • AmaZing Rewards Card for Business: You may wonder, are credit card rewards worth it? We think so. With this card, you can apply your business rewards points for any purchase made with your card and redeem business rewards points online or by phone, 24/7. There is no markup on third-party websites and no middlemen when redeeming your business rewards points. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn, and reward points never expire. This card features no annual fee, no rewards fees and a credit limit up to $250,000.
  • AmaZing Cash Card for Business: The perk of this credit card is the ability to earn cash back. You earn cash back on all business purchases and get it back as a statement credit or as a credit to a Zions Bank deposit account. There is no limit to what you can earn and no expiration date. This card features no annual fee, no rewards fees and a credit limit up to $250,000.

Not sure what business credit card is right for you? Visit our website for a Zions Bank business credit card comparison

Business Credit Card Advantage #3: Growth

Using a business credit card responsibly allows your business to establish good credit. Utilizing a personal credit card for business expenses doesn’t necessarily build your business credit. While your business credit and personal credit are often related, they are not the same. Establishing a good credit history is essential to your growing business. This can help you down the road as you explore other financing options, such as a line of credit or loan.

Make sure you do your homework when applying for a business credit card. Don’t forget to ask about perks as well as any potential fees or penalties.

Finding a credit card that fits your business needs is key, so speak to a banker if you have additional questions.

Interested in a Zions Bank business credit card? Visit your nearest Zions Bank branch to apply.

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