More Medical Professionals Can Become Business Owners as Practice Pathways Expands

Opportunities on the rise for acquiring a private practice as retirees outnumber graduates.

Zions Bank Jan 7, 2019

Medical professionals aspiring to start their own practice or acquire a current one can receive support for their venture through Zions Bancorporation's Practice Pathways program, which has now expanded to 33 states across the country. Practice Pathways focuses on lending to entrepreneurial dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, physicians and pharmacists.

Professional expertise in small business lending and ownership transition is in high demand as retiring medical professionals outnumber graduates entering the industry. As the level of Baby Boomer professionals expected to retire is projected to remain high over the next several years, graduates may have more opportunities than ever before to acquire a retiree's private practice.

To help these medical professionals purchase private practices, Zions Bancorporation created Practice Pathways, a full suite of financial services that supports owning a practice. With Practice Pathways, a designated relationship manager is the sole point of contact and provides specialized expertise on a variety of services, including:

Practice Pathways offers a streamlined application process, with most applications receiving a response within 24 business hours. Competitive fixed-rate and variable-rate options with terms up to 15 years are available to maximize cash flow. In addition, Practice Pathways offers access to a demographic analysis to help ensure the practice is in an ideal location.

"Medical professionals excel in their respective fields of medicine and patient care, but sometimes lack the business background to start or acquire a practice," said David Kirby, senior vice president and director of Practice Pathways. "We want to get their entrepreneurial dreams off the ground with our financial expertise to help them successfully transition into business owners."

Practice Pathways is available in the 11-state western and southwestern footprint of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., including: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Texas. It has further expanded into 22 additional states: Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, Indiana, Connecticut and Oklahoma.

For more information, or to submit an application, visit Practice Pathways online or call (888) 588-6265. 

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