Zions Interns Can Take Their Work Experience to the Bank

We welcomed 58 students to our summer internship program, representing 13 different schools and lending their talents in a variety of departments in Idaho and Utah.

Kaitlyn Smith Aug 22, 2019

Zions Bancorporation welcomed a talented cohort of 58 students to its internship program this summer. They represent 13 different schools and work in a variety of departments, from Channel Strategy to Compliance, throughout the bank’s footprint in Utah and Idaho.

Here, they share how their internships are preparing them for future careers and what they’ve enjoyed the most about working at Zions.

Emma Kapaya, Channel Strategy

“Working with a diverse team in strategy channel was a dream come true. Everyone in the team has different perspectives during collaboration time, which allowed me to fit in perfectly.

I have worked on three projects and other small projects; my time here has been fully occupied and satisfying. I have been exposed to the CRA, Diversity and Marketing teams, which has been a tremendous experience learning how Zions Bank connects and communicates with its community.”

Emma Kapaya Zions Bank intern
Danny Lyons, Professional Practice Loan Support
Danny Lyons, Professional Practice Loan Support

“One thing that stands out to me about my Zions internship is the breadth of experience that is offered. I’ve had the opportunity to have informational interviews and shadow not only the members of my department but members in departments all over the bank. Everybody has been very generous with their time and answered all my questions, which has allowed me to get a clear vision of the organization and see where my time and talents best fit.”

Christopher Aguilar, Compliance
Christopher Aguilar of Zions Bank

“My experience has been very educational. I’ve learned that there are many interesting problems in banking that don’t appear very technical on the surface, but lend themselves to newer, cutting-edge approaches that increase efficiency and cut costs — particularly in Compliance.

I’ve also learned that many of the problems individual departments face often have solutions that other departments have implemented; it’s simply a matter of reaching out and inquiring.”

Chrystal Suitter, Commercial Agriculture

“My experience this summer has been wonderful. I’ve been included on multiple projects and have been assigned projects of my own. I’ve been able to freely ask questions, and they are quick to help me find answers. I’ve been able to travel around the state and meet various people in different departments and see what they do.

I have found that the various departments work together to create a functioning team; all striving to obtain a similar goal to serve the community by offering the best services and products they can. I’ve seen myself learn and grow in ways that I’ve never imagined. Those I work with see my potential and show confidence in my skills, which pushes me to want to learn more and become better at my job.”

Chrystal Suitter, Commercial Agriculture
Edward Heine, Credit Analytics

“This summer internship has been a great learning experience. Not only did I learn hard technical skills related to my career, such as data processing and statistical analysis, I also learned professional skills such as effective communication and presentation that will be beneficial no matter what industry I decide to go into. Overall a fantastic experience.”

Skyler Higginson, Enterprise Accounting
Skyler Higginson, Enterprise Accounting

“Interning at Zions Bancorporation has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve learned about the banking industry, the dynamics of working in a corporate setting, how to be an effective and hard-working employee, the role of accounting within banking, and many more things. I’ve gained clarity on my goals for my education and career and have greatly benefited from learning from the professionals with which I’ve interacted.

Zions is a great company; working as an intern here will undoubtedly have a lasting positive impact on my career and life.”

Interested in summer internship opportunities at Zions? STEM-degreed positions are posted in late September and business/finance roles are posted in early January. Intern positions start between May 1 and June 1 and continue through the middle of August.

Visit the Zions Bank Careers website and search for “intern” or email our Human Resources department for more information.

Kaitlyn Smith is a summer intern in Zions Bank’s Marketing department and is pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science at UCLA.

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