Zions Bancorporation Honored for Helping Shatter Tech’s Glass Ceiling

The Shatter Award recognizes companies that actively champion women and make strides to change the industry's landscape and culture.

Suchi Nagarajan May 25, 2018

Zions Bancorporation received the 2018 Shatter List Award from the Women Tech Council for being actively involved in programs that accelerate shattering the glass ceiling for women in technology.

Zions Bancorporation Chief Information Officer Jennifer Smith accepted the award from the council, a national organization focused on the economic impact of women in driving high growth in the technology sector.

Smith oversees the bancorporation’s Technology Division and is committed to making the company a top employer of choice for women in technology.

“Zions is incredibly active in the community and our organization is comprised of more than 59 percent women,” Smith said. “We’ve had a Women’s Business Forum for more than 10 years, and we recently created a Women in Technology initiative to help us recruit, retain and advance women in our technology-specific departments.”

The Shatter List Award committee scored Zions Bank and 44 other companies on four factors critical to building inclusive cultures:

  • Active support from the CEO
  • Proactively implements programs to support women in technology
  • Community involvement
  • Diversity and other internal groups to support women

“Shattering technology's glass ceiling requires companies to invest more and be actively engaged in creating cultures and activities that expect and demand inclusivity from top to bottom,” said Cydni Tetro, president of the Women Tech Council.

"By highlighting the companies and practices that are actively championing women and are making strides to change the industry's landscape and culture, this list accelerates the technology sector's journey to increase the number of women in technology and break our own glass ceiling," Tetro said. 

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