Is Your Business Credit Card Amazing?

Our AmaZing Cash® Business Credit Card can help with cash flow and building your business’ credit, all while boosting your bottom line

Kallee Feuz May 16, 2018

“Plastic” and “stiff” may not be qualities you’d seek out in a help-wanted ad, but a good credit card could help your business in meaningful ways. More than simply a method of payment, a credit card is a strategy for managing your money.

A business credit card, in particular, allows you to invest in your company’s future while building business credit and racking up rewards. Just as you would carefully weigh the qualifications of a prospective employee, look for a capable credit card that complements your company’s needs.

Here are five ways Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can go to work for you:

1. Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can boost your bottom line.

When you’re building a business, every dollar matters. The AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card kicks money back to you each time you make a purchase. You’ll earn at least one-percent cash back on everything you buy — and even more on certain purchases.

Get 3% cash back on business-specific expenses like office supplies, internet, phone, and TV, and get 2% cash back on select business travel purchase, including airlines and vehicle rentals.

And for a limited time, you’ll receive a $300 bonus when you spend $3,000 within three months of opening an account. The card also comes with automatic savings from participating merchants on items like office equipment, rental cars and gas.

While some business credit cards come with fees that cut into your bottom line, the AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card has no annual fee and no fees for redeeming rewards. There’s virtually no limit to what you can earn and no expiration date.

2. Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can support steady cash flow.

When cash flow disruptions inevitably arise — maybe a payment doesn’t come in on time or a piece of equipment breaks down — the AmaZing Cash Business card lets you keep operations running smoothly.

With a credit limit up to $250,000, the card is a quick, convenient source of capital. It can be used as a revolving line of credit or as a short-term business loan.

To sweeten the deal, take advantage of our special low rates for the first six months and for 12 months on balance transfers.

3. Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can build your business credit.

Having a strong business credit profile can help you secure favorable loan terms. With a business credit card like the AmaZing Cash Back card (as opposed to a personal card or a commercial card that doesn’t report to major credit bureaus), you can establish a positive credit history by consistently making on-time payments and borrowing well below your credit limit.

4. Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can help keep your finances in order.

A business credit card helps you keep your personal and business finances separate and avoid tax headaches down the road. Through monthly statements, you can easily track business expenses and get a clearer view of operating costs.

5. Zions Bank’s AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can be personalized for you.

Just as you cater to your clients, your business credit card should cater to your specific needs. The customizable AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card can be printed with a company logo, photo or image.

And when you use your business credit card, you get to decide how cash-back points are redeemed. Get cash back in any whole-dollar amount once you have earned at least $25, or choose to automatically get money back in $500 increments. The funds can be credited to your card or as a credit to a Zions Bank deposit account.

Put Zions Bank’s Amazing Cash Business Credit Card to work for your business. Or for other AmaZing credit options, compare Zions Bank’s AmaZing business credit cards, all of which come with competitive benefits and no annual fee.

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