All Kidding Aside, These “Dad Jokes” Offer Serious Financial Wisdom

Indulge dad this Father’s Day by appreciating (not groaning at) his sense of humor.

Adam Young Jun 15, 2018

Oh, Father’s Day.

The day that dads get to do pretty much anything they want (with permission, of course). Which usually includes them sharing an unsolicited, larger-than-normal amount of their favorite dad jokes.

Yet, as dads do best, they love to hide nuggets of wisdom in everything they say. So, here are three dad jokes worth listening to on Father’s Day (bring some crackers, this could get cheesy):

Dad joke #1: Where do penguins keep their money? In a snow bank!

Surface level, this joke is worthy of a three-quarter eye roll, maybe. But the depth of wisdom and insight are hard to beat – especially for kids.

When kids start earning money, or learning about it, one of the first things they should know is how to keep it safe.  Though a real snow bank probably isn’t a great choice, places like Zions Bank are an excellent choice for keeping your money safe.

Talk to your kids about how FDIC-insured financial institutions help protect the funds in their accounts, making them a much safer option than a piggy bank.

Find a Zions Bank location near you and help your kids open their first savings account when you feel they are ready.

Dad joke #2: Why is dough another word for money? Because everyone “kneads” it!

When this joke is told, you’ll most likely hear somebody say, “How clever!” (Dads love that response, by the way!)

Jokes aside, the fatherly wisdom here is VERY clever!

We live in a financial world and to find strong financial success everyone must learn how to work with money in similar ways that a baker “kneads” dough.

In fact, kneading dough helps bread to “rise” in the baking process; and of course, we all want our money to rise as well! Compound interest is the key to making your money grow.

If you put a $100 bill in a piggy bank and came back in 40 years, you’d still have a $100 bill. But put that same $100 bill in an interest-bearing account, and in 40 years you could have 10 or even 20 times that amount – and maybe much more. 

Dad joke #3: How is the moon like a dollar? They both have four quarters!

After you’re done mending your split sides, think about the real meaning behind this joke – the importance of teaching your children the value of a dollar.

See how our own Zions bankers are teaching their children to be savvy savers by earning their own money, spending wisely, managing debt and understanding delayed gratification. If you’re the parent of a new graduate, it’s not too late to get them ready to successfully handle their money.

Life’s clock is always ticking by, and even though there will always be more money to earn, at the end of it all, it’s important we take the time necessary to appreciate those around us – especially dad – and his (terrible) dad jokes.

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