For the Petersons, Zions Bank is a Family Affair

Alan Peterson and his family have carried on a legacy of service at Zions Bank as all members have worked or are still working at the bank.

Robert Saxon, Military Intern Nov 7, 2018

Corporate Banking Department Senior Vice President Alan Peterson recently retired after more than four decades of service in the banking industry. He spent the last 34 years of his career with Zions Bank. 

“Over the past 34 years, I have had many opportunities of working with great people at Zions,” said Peterson, noting that he has had the opportunity to work in several departments and in many capacities at the bank.

Peterson began his career at Zions as a relationship manager and section manager in the Commercial Banking Department. After working as the senior credit manager and vice chairman of the Senior Loan Committee and member of the Credit Administration Committee for the bank, Peterson led a joint venture in Internet Finance. He worked for a time in the Credit Administration Department doing special projects, then had the opportunity to work as senior director of Retail Credit and Branch Lending for many years.

In 2007, Peterson became the director of Commercial Banking at the corporate office. Most recently, he was working in the Corporate Banking Department.

alan peterson and his family standing in front of trees
Alan Peterson with daughters Kristin Thompson and Michelle Scott, wife Joan, and daughter Emily Peterson.

What's Next for Peterson?

alan peterson john stillings and scott anderson
Retired Commercial Banking Director John Stillings and President and CEO Scott Anderson joined Alan Peterson for his retirement celebration on Oct. 5.

Youngest daughter Emily says that her dad and mom are guides for a travel company and will be traveling frequently. She believes her dad plans on taking some courses at the University of Utah in photography and Spanish along with teaching at the collegiate level and playing a lot of golf.

Peterson is very proud of the fact that he not only met and married his wife while working at the bank, but his whole family either works for, or has worked for, Zions Bank. That includes all three of his children, daughters Emily Peterson, Kristin Thompson and Michelle Scott, who is an assistant relationship officer in the bank’s Commercial Corporate Banking group

“To me, Zions Bank is part of my family,” Peterson said.

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