Interns Earn Experience with Zions

Zions’ 64 summer interns are encouraged to speak up, participate and bring fresh perspective to their work.

Olivia Oldroyd, Marketing and Communications Intern Jul 12, 2018

Zions has welcomed 64 qualified and enthusiastic students into its summer internship program, which has doubled in size since 2015.

After receiving more than 3,000 applications, Zions managers in various departments selected more than five dozen summer interns. The interns are working across Utah and Idaho and they represent 13 different universities across the world.

Each intern is involved with a team and reports to a manager. They work on numerous projects independently throughout the week, attend meetings, and network at career development events specific to the summer intern program.

On June 12, Zions Bancorporation Chairman and CEO Harris Simmons and Zions Bank President and CEO Scott Anderson spoke to the interns in the Zions Bank Building’s Founders Room. Both were energetic about the summer ahead and welcomed the group warmly.

“You are making us better by having a new pair of eyes and speaking up to help us change,” Anderson said. “We hope our internship program is enjoyable. We bring in the best of the best. We hope you have a good experience and then come back to join us.”

Stand Up, Speak Up, Be Active and Participate

Anderson spent much of his time speaking about the Guiding Principles that direct Zions Bank employees. After explaining each one and sharing personal experiences, he ended his remarks with advice for the interns.

“Don’t be invisible,” Anderson said. “Stand up, speak up, be active and participate. We are anxious to have you and have you suggest a better way to do things. Be visible. Have the courage to be you.”

He shared background on Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Chairwoman Gail Miller, who has published a new book that he provided to each intern. He then ended with a quote from Miller: “With hard work you can accomplish anything that you want.”

Simmons enlightened the interns with how the bank runs and how it adds value to the economy. He also touched on how Zions adds value to the community by being a community bank, serving people and gaining trust.

“I’m proud to be in this business,” Simmons said. “I’m proud of the company and what we do in this community.” 

"I feel like I'm doing incredibly meaningful work."

After Anderson and Simmons spoke, a few of the interns shared insights about their experiences so far:

Elmer Pineda, Private Banking

“Everyone is welcoming and willing to teach the ways to success. I am passionate about the markets, investment and client relations. In Private Banking, I have had the opportunity to enhance my skills. Recently, I had the chance not only to meet team members in the Private Banking division, but also to sit down and interact with the Capital South Davis Regional Executive Management Committee. I am looking forward to succeeding in this team and learning how to become an outstanding banker."

Cali Reynolds, Marketing

"I appreciate being able to work closely with my manager, while having the ability to learn from a variety of people who have different roles and perspectives. This internship will provide me with networking skills I will need to move forward and be successful in my career, along with hands-on and real-world experience that a college student cannot get many other places.”

Alex Howland, Municipal Finance

"Working side-by-side with the attorneys here at Zions has been extremely beneficial. I’m excited to see what other things I might be doing and continue to learn from an incredibly talented and intelligent group of people.”

Michael Byrd, Information Security Risk Assessment

“My experience at Zions has been overwhelmingly positive. The Information Security Risk Assessment team has kept my career and educational goals in mind as they have helped guide me and train me through my various assignments.”

Benjamin Ellison, Compliance Risk Management

“I did this exact same internship last summer and was presented with the opportunity to do it again…so I jumped at the chance. This summer, I’m already learning so much more than I did last year, and I feel like I’m doing incredibly meaningful work. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the internship program.” 

Natalie Lam, Real Estate Banking Group

“The Real Estate Banking Group at Zions has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and complete meaningful projects. This internship has far surpassed my expectations as I am connecting with people I never knew was possible. The people in Real Estate Banking Group are genuine, down to earth, and willing to help in any way needed.”

Over the next several weeks, the interns will attend weekly networking events where they will have the opportunity to hear numerous bankers speak about what they do. To learn about next summer’s intern program, email Zions’ Human Resources department.

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