Zions Bank’s OnCard: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer for Your Teens

Give your children the Christmas gift of money management with a debit card you can load, control and monitor.

Don Milne Dec 3, 2018

Most stocking stuffer items are consumed or forgotten within a few days if not hours. But what if there was a stocking stuffer guaranteed to be a big hit with your teen?

Imagine the surprise when your teen reaches in her or his stocking and pulls out a debit card just like mom and dad use. The first reaction may be that it is not real, but it is the real deal — the Zions Bank OnCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

What better way to teach your kids how to manage money in the modern world than with a debit card you can load, control, and monitor?

When you sign up for Zions Bank’s OnCard, you receive a debit card that’s linked to your checking account. You can order a second card for your partner and up to five dependent cards that can be used by your children ages 13 years and older.

When it is time to pay your kids for allowance or chores all you have to do is transfer the money to their OnCard using your Zions Bank online or mobile banking.

Here are some ways your teens can use their card:

OnCard Use #1: Freedom to spend

You are at the store and they beg you buy something. You can tell them to buy it for themselves using their OnCard.

OnCard Use #2: Lunch money

You can load your child’s lunch money on their OnCard and make them responsible to transfer the money to their school lunch account.

OnCard Use #3: Entertainment

If they are going to the movies, you don’t have to find cash to give them. Just tell them to put it on their OnCard.

OnCard Use #4: Help with errands

You can send your older teens to the store to shop for you. Just load the money needed on their OnCard.

OnCard Use #5: Mobile payments

Your kids can use OnCard to send mobile payments like Venmo to their friends.

OnCard Use #6: Skip the mall

Put your kids in charge of their own clothes shopping. Again, just load the funds onto the OnCard.

Unlike cash, which if lost is gone for good, if an OnCard is lost or stolen you can notify Zions Bank to lock your card and dispute any unauthorized purchases. You can also easily monitor where and how your child is using OnCard.

It takes about 7-10 days to get your primary card and additional days to get your dependent cards so make this Christmas gift an early buy. There is a one-time $5 fee to enroll for OnCard and a one-time fee of $3 per additional cardholder — but that should easily fit in your stocking stuffer budget.

Get Started with OnCard online or at a Zions Bank branch location today.

Don Milne is Financial Literacy Manager for Zions Bank.

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