Zions Honors Employees for their Service to Clients and Community

13 employees were recognized for their demonstrated excellence at the bank’s annual Service Awards Ceremony.

Caitlin Jankowski Aug 8, 2018

During Zions Bank’s Aug. 7 Service Awards banquet, 12 employees were honored as 2018 “Excellence … It Starts With Me” award winners, and one employee was selected as the 2018 Roy W. Simmons Community Service award winner.

Nominated, in many cases, by their peers and selected by executive management, the recipients of the “Excellence” award are the “best of the best” among the bank’s officers and employees. They are dedicated professionals who have exemplified, in their work style, that they haven’t forgotten who keeps us in business.

2018 Roy W. Simmons Community Service Award

Stephanie Horne Clark receives the Roy W. Simmons Community Service Award
Stephanie Horne Clark receives the Roy W. Simmons Community Service Award, named for Zions Bancorporation’s former chairman and father of current Chairman Harris Simmons.

It's no secret that the director of Private Banking Stephanie Horne Clark is an accomplished banker and leader of her department, but it may not be fully known the depth and breadth of her involvement in the community. 

Since 2008, Stephanie has served on the Intermountain Medical and Research Foundation’s executive boards. Additionally, she was the former president and current board member of the Amicus Annual Giving Society — Intermountain’s philanthropic arm. Stephanie assists in all facets of these organizations, but is very involved with fundraising and the Amicus’ quarterly lecture series. 

The series brings in experts to speak about pressing health care issues like affordability and access, scientific innovation, and specialized topics like mental illness. Stephanie also chairs the board for Research and Education for LDS Hospital.

Stephanie has become a trusted advocate, adviser, and driver of initiatives that impact thousands of lives and help make Utah a better place to work and live.

2018 “Excellence…It Starts With Me” Award Winners

Ben Watkins has been instrumental in the success of the Western Idaho Corporate Banking team. As a commercial portfolio manager, he is adept at developing and deepening customer relationships and providing creative solutions to complex business needs. Ben is continually a wealth of knowledge and resource for his team. He is bright, insightful, analytical and thoughtful. “Work hard and good things will happen” is a lesson Ben learned from his father, who also taught him the value of integrity and the importance of balancing work and family life.

Credibility matters” is a motto that Mike Poll strives to live by each day. Mike began his career in banking in 1983 as a teller while going to school and today is senior director of Regional Credit for Private Banking. He has a reputation for establishing common sense methods to bring about improvements in processes, procedures and policy. Mike is inspired by his mother, who lived her life helping others, which brought great happiness to her and her family. She taught him that the person providing service generally benefits more than those receiving service.

Callie Sheffield demonstrates the standard of excellence in all that she does. As a financial analyst, Callie plays an integral role in processing invoices and implementing expense control for the bank. She has designed a system that complies with new regulatory requirements and tracks all of the bank’s charitable giving in Utah and Idaho. Callie is humble, dedicated, patient, honest and cheerful. A jack of all trades, her wealth of knowledge often makes her the go-to person for solving problems — even outside the scope of her job. No matter the issue, Callie finds the time to help others with projects, while still getting her work done well and on time.

Kelly Peterson strives to work hard, think strategically and seek knowledge. This mantra is apparent in the success of his 30-year career in the banking industry. Kelly joined Zions in 2014 as director of Real Estate Credit, and now serves as the director of the Real Estate Banking Group. 

five men at Zions Bank awards ceremony
Zions Bancorporation Chairman Harris Simmons, Director of Business and Consumer Banking Brad Sheppard, Cottonwood Region President Steve Verno, Verno’s husband Ben Brown and Zions Bank President and CEO Scott Anderson celebrate Sheppard’s 45-year and Verno’s 40-year service milestones at Zions Bank.

Kelly believes in helping others excel in their work, and he credits much of the success too his team of honest, genuine and trustworthy colleagues. One of his guiding principles is to stay focused on developing what he refers to as the 5 C’s or character traits of competence, confidence, courage, composure, and compassion. Those who know Kelly would easily describe him as having all five.

Treasury Relationship Manager Cheryl Ginn recently helped Zions Bank attract two new large clients through her work responding to complex requests for proposals. This is just a recent instance of Cheryl truly living up to her personal motto of being prepared and exceeding expectations. Active in the community, Cheryl is the chair of the Women’s Business Forum for the bank’s Wasatch Back Region and volunteers with the Christian Center, the Kimball Arts Center and the Peace House. 

Laura Sherwood is certainly the “best of the best” when it comes to customers and meeting their needs. With more than 20 years of service to Zions Bank, it’s easy to see why she knows just about everyone who walks through the door of the Kanab Financial Center. Laura started with Zions Bank in 1997 as a teller. She quickly worked her way up through various positions and today serves as a senior assistant manager. No matter what the problem or circumstance presented by a customer, Laura invests herself fully into resolving the issue. Laura is the epitome of customer service.

Kathleen Pechman joined Zions Bancorporation in August 2005, when she was hired as the credit compliance officer for National Bank of Arizona. A few days after starting her new position, she was named Community Reinvestment Act officer for NBAZ, and she served in this position for more than decade. In April 2016, she took on the expanded position of corporate CRA manager. “Don’t let a fear of failure stop you from pursuing something new” are words that have manifested throughout her career.

As the accounting manager responsible for regulatory reporting, Andrea Christoffersen has been critical to the success of many projects and initiatives at Zions. Within a few short years, Andrea has accomplished countless projects. She is most proud of her contributions during many of the reviews with the Federal Reserve and participating in the reorganization activities completed throughout Zions Bancorporation. Growing up, Andrea often heard a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” That quote stuck with her and has been adopted as her life motto. Andrea believes that attitude and belief isn’t all you need for growth and success, but you can’t go anywhere fast without it.

Jared Geisler has ingrained in his professional life these important words: “Everyone sells, everyone is accountable and everything matters.” This close attention to detail is what makes Jared so successful in his career. As the Fee Income Sales Coordinator manager, he holds himself accountable to giving 100 percent effort every day. Jared joined Zions Bank in January 2002 as a merchant services sales assistant and was promoted several times before being named to his current role. He credits much of his success to Zions’ leaders, specifically Jake Heugly, as being instrumental in teaching him to be a great banking officer.

Steve Eyre’s love for banking began when he started his career in 1983. With a long and successful banking background, he eventually made his way to Zions in 2013. He started as the financial center manager of the Draper Financial Center, which led him to pursue his current position as the director of the Business Banking Loan Center just a couple of years later.

Steve is most proud of helping people and teams rise to enthusiastic, top tier performances. His mantra is “leave it better than you found it” — whether it be the process you are asked to perform, the team you are asked to lead or the company you are responsible to grow. Steve is uniquely skilled at understanding the needs of the bankers and the clients he serves. He has developed a culture of accountability, service, accuracy and caring.

Nathan Ellison believes in working hard and playing hard. His drive and determination have helped him be an effective leader since he started with Zions in 2007. Nathan began his career in the Wires room as a supervisor, but his hard work led to numerous opportunities within the company. He currently oversees business automation for all of Zions Bancorporation. Nathan and his team have completed more than 100 automation projects in the last 12 months. These projects have improved customer experience, delivered real time processing, created efficiency and helped mitigate risk.

Over the past 11 years, Michael Chiazzese has served in a variety of roles at Zions, beginning first as an administrative assistant, working his way up, to now fulfilling the role of a human resources manager. This upward career trajectory is attributed to his years of hard work and personal motto of “not putting off something until tomorrow.” His willingness to get tasks done quickly and accurately have shown through his consistently high-level of performance. For example, Michael demonstrates his ability to take broad direction and translate it into delivering first-class leadership to his client groups.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

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