Jerome, Idaho: From Farms to Falls

Agricultural roots run deep in this small town, and just past the miles of farmland is recreation in every direction.

Kris Millgate Aug 14, 2018

This article was originally published in the September/October 2011 edition of Community magazine. Content has been edited for accuracy.

Agricultural roots run deep in the small town of Jerome. Between its dairies and crops, there are plenty of reasons for muddy boots. Miles of farmland outnumber the many hands that work the rows of barley, beans and beets. Just out of town is recreation in every direction.

The Snake River Canyon winds through the area and Shoshone Falls is only 30 minutes away. The famous falls are near neighboring Twin Falls and in high waters years like this one, tourists line up to see it. When Shoshone Falls is raging, it dwarfs Niagara Falls by 52 feet.

old yellow tractor
Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum southeast of Jerome.

“On average, we see 300,000 visitors, but this year we could easily go over 400,000 because of high flows,” says Dennis Bowyer, Twin Falls Parks and Recreation director. “Sometimes with high flows you may have to wait a half an hour to get down here. Cars will be backed up for a mile. We don’t have a lot of parking down here because it is a canyon. Just be patient if you do have to wait because it is worth the wait.”

When the wait is that long, it’s best to fill up on food before and after going to the falls. Avoid the waterfall crowd by catching a bite to eat in Jerome. For breakfast, try Choates Family Diner at 400 West Main St., or for lunch, the carne asada at El Sombrero Restaurant, 143 West Main St., is a best-seller.

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