Zions Bank AmaZing Business Credit Cards: Good Things Come in Threes

All three of our business credit cards come with competitive interest rates, sign-on incentives and no annual fees.

Kallee Feuz Aug 22, 2018

Spumoni ice cream. The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Newton's laws of motion. Good things come in threes — and Zions Bank's suite of three AmaZing business credit cards is no exception.

Zions Bank’s trio of business credit cards — AmaZing Rewards, AmaZing Rate and AmaZing Cash — deliver three different ways for your business to be amazing. All three credit cards come with competitive interest rates, sign-on incentives and no annual fees. And for a limited time, you get a $1,000 cash bonus or statement credit of 100,000 rewards points when you spend $7,500 on eligible net purchases in the first 90 days after opening the account.

Whether you’re interested in collecting travel rewards, boosting your company’s bottom line or saving on interest, one of Zions Bank’s AmaZing business credit cards can energize your everyday spending and elevate your game in the business arena.

Zions Bank AmaZing Rewards Business Credit Card

Reap Rewards for Your Spending

You might feel like LeBron James scoring points with the AmaZing Rewards for Business Credit card. You can rack up reward points effortlessly by using your card to make regular business purchases. You net points for every dollar you spend — triple points for business purchases and double points on business travel. Take your business to new places (both literally and figuratively) by using points to buy airline tickets, with no blackout dates or travel restrictions.

Points can also be applied toward any purchase made with your card — the purchase amount is credited back to your account. Your points never expire and there is no limit to what you can accrue. For businesses that want to maximize their rewards potential, Zions Bank's AmaZing Rewards for Business Credit card might be a slam dunk.

Zions Bank AmaZing Cash Business Credit Card

Earn Cash on Every Dollar You Spend

The AmaZing Cash for Business Credit card packs extra power into your purchases so you can take control of business expenses thrown at you like a Williams sister attacking tennis balls at Wimbledon. Earn cash on every dollar you spend — 3 percent cash back on business purchases, 2 percent cash back on travel expenses and 1 percent cash back on everything else.

You can apply the cash reward as a credit to your card (credits are not applied as a payment), as a credit to a Zions Bank deposit account, or choose to automatically get cash back in $500 increments. The AmaZing Cash for Business Credit card takes the hassle out of rewards so you can focus on acing your business game while boost your business’s bottom line. 

Zions Bank AmaZing Rate Business Credit Card

Get a Great Low Rate

Sometimes it’s necessary to carry a credit card balance to finance a project and preserve cash flow. When you need to channel your inner Tiger Woods and keep your debt scorecard as low as possible, the AmaZing Rate for Business Credit card has an 11.99 percent APR that’s well under par.

The low-interest credit card tees off with a zero-percent introductory APR on purchases for six months. If you want to take your game to the next level by investing in your business, consider the AmaZing Rate for Business Credit card.

Besides their AmaZing benefits, Zions Bank’s business credit cards are also a great way to build business credit, keep business and personal finances separate, and track your spending with easy-to-use online tools. For more information, compare  Zions Bank’s AmaZing business credit cards here or visit your nearest Zions Bank branch location to apply.

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