Honoring the Great Teachers Who Inspire Us

May 9 is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a great opportunity to reflect on the teachers who inspire children to reach their full potential.

Zions Bank May 8, 2017

The American writer William Arthur Ward once observed, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

May 9 is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a great opportunity to reflect on the teachers who inspire children to reach their full potential. Zions Bank has been recognizing great teachers for two generations of students with the weekly KSL Teacher Feature awards throughout the school year.

Here are some highlights from the past year:

Ben Lomond High School’s Ann Moulton has taught choir for 30 years. Her impact beyond the school years is evident by the annual alumni choir concerts where past students return just to be in her choir again. She’s taught thousands of students how to work together to create something great and beautiful.
Students are excited to come to school every day at Amber Allen’s class at Herriman Elementary. Because of her great care and interest in each student, they are able to do hard things. She makes learning easy and fun.
First grade teacher Abe Yospe of Westland Elementary was nominated not by one person but 18 people, a Teacher Feature record. He brings his comedic gifts to engage the students with his impersonations and characters. Who wants to repeat first grade in Abe’s class?
Box Elder High chemistry teacher Tom Davidson goes the extra mile and records lessons so students can keep up if they miss class. He is great at getting students to set challenging goals.
Andy Stokes teaches financial literacy at Dixie High School. Every 12th grader in the school takes his class. He makes sure to connect with each student so each is engaged to learn the important life skills needed to succeed with money. He is also willing to do more than just teach. Last year he involved the community to raise funds to pay the burial expenses for the mother of a student.
Math is a required class that can be a challenge to many students, even at Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering, & Science. Katrina Smith teaches math in a way that students not only get it, but excel at it. She even gives each of her more than 100 students a personalized handwritten note of love and encouragement on the last day of school.

Consider nominating an outstanding teacher who deserves to be recognized. Winners are honored with an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful Roof Restaurant at Temple Square and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater!

All winners are also invited to attend an end-of-year banquet at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in their honor. In addition, one lucky teacher will win the grand prize two-year lease on a new car courtesy of Burt Brothers Tire and Service.

Even better, reach out to the teachers that are making a difference in the lives of your children and let them know that you appreciate their efforts to prepare them for the future.

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