Zeroing in at Zions: Summer Interns Share Their Experience

In its 19th formal year, Zions’ internship program has welcomed 59 interns this summer from 12 different universities, including five out-of-state schools.

Nicole Monarrez Jun 30, 2017
2017 Summer Interns

In its 19th formal year, Zions’ internship program has welcomed 59 interns this summer from 12 different universities, including five out-of-state schools.

Coming from a range of educational backgrounds, interns are working on intense, meaningful and interesting projects around the bank. At the first intern networking event earlier this summer, Director of Human Resources Recruiting Trina Eyring spoke about how the internship positions were created for areas and departments that could use assistance with real, meaningful work for the bank.

There were 36 interns last summer, but the program has grown to place 59 students this year in a variety of departments such as Enterprise Retail Banking, Compliance, Marketing and Communications, and Credit Examination, to name a few. Current projects range from working on a data migration project to designing metrics and from being a co-captain of Paint-a-Thon to creating story boards.

While working on a diverse array of projects, interns have already started learning and sharpening useful skills such as setting up software, organizing spreadsheets, developing metrics and creating SharePoint sites, learning how to effectively build relationships with clients, and learning more about the tax code. Many interns have mentioned how appreciative they are of the autonomy they are given with these projects and tasks.

The interns have networked with bank leaders and learned from professionals in a variety of fields. Most interns have met personally with other employees in their departments to learn about job roles, projects and useful career advice.

Interns shared additional insights regarding their experience so far:


  • “In my experience as an intern, I’ve been able to connect with people I never thought possible. The networking opportunities have been unbelievable.” — Catherine Nordhagen, Marketing and Communications


  • “The people I work with are friendly and welcoming and are very knowledgeable about their respective jobs. This gives me ample opportunity to learn about different departments within my division and expand my horizons.” — Amanda Richards, Treasury Management


  • “I am really enjoying this internship because it allows me to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I’ve seen concepts and theories I’ve studied in class take shape here at Zions, which is nice to see.” — James Keating, Practice Pathways


  • “I’ve learned so much from my manager; he has allowed me to work on meaningful and challenging projects that have helped me feel like I’m truly a part of the team.” — Chase Riepl, Enterprise Retail Banking

Overall experience:

  • “My internship so far has been extremely valuable, I feel like I’m doing meaningful work, and the people in my department are extremely helpful.” — Benjamin Ellison, Compliance

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