Seven Spring Break Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Time for a break to get recharged.

Mar 14, 2016

You have a week off from school. Does that mean it’s time to charge a trip to some exotic locale? Many vacation destinations make an appealing pitch to the spring break crowd. Unless your college is all paid for without any loans, maybe spending big bucks on costly trip is not the best way to spend a week away from your studies.

Here are seven ways to spend your spring break without breaking the bank:

  1. Donating your time to a good cause is usually not the first thing one associates with spring break, but there are few activities that will give you a better feeling than serving where you are needed. And let’s not forget volunteer work can help you pad your resume. For ideas on where to volunteer, visit U Serve Utah or Serve Idaho.
  2. Get a Jump on Summer Jobs. While your peers are off playing, get ahead of the crowd by planning on your dream summer job. He who hesitates is lost and last to get hired.
  3. Hike or Bike. After spending weeks in class or at the library buried in books, take time to take in the spring weather with a hike or bike excursion. Some of the best trails may be found close to home for free.
  4. You’re bound to know others who are also out of school. Set up a party or other activity to enjoy one another’s company.
  5. Be a Big Brother or Sister. If you have younger siblings, they look up to you — whether you or they admit it or not. Spend some time doing something they like. You’ll take some nice memories with you back to school. Also be sure to encourage them to do well in school because it will make college that much easier, right? Plus, for students in middle school through high school, they can even be paid for each A they earn.
  6. Be a grandchild. Your grandparents would love a visit to hear how your life is going. You are important to them and you can benefit from their wisdom, and probably their cooking.
  7. Secure your ID. Young people who don’t have a lot of life experiences with money can be an appealing target to identity thieves. Use some of your off-time to make sure you and your money are not a target for fraudsters. Services like Visa Purchase Alerts and Mobile Card Fraud Alerts* are free and protect you from others stealing your ID and maybe your money too.

Now go back and finish that term paper.

*Zions Bank does not charge for the Mobile Card Fraud Alert Service. However, standard text message and data rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply.

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