How Online Bill Pay is Like a Magic Genie

You don’t need a genie to benefit from the magic of Online Bill Pay.

Oct 7, 2015

If you had a magic lamp with a genie, would one of your wishes be, “Simplify my bill paying so it is worry free and saves me money and time” Probably not. If you use online banking, Online Bill Pay is one of the best features around. Surprisingly, however, nationwide only about half of online banking users also pay their bills online.

Non-users are missing out. They are at greater risk of bills going past due and paying pesky late fees. Even people who are using Online Bill Pay are probably unaware of all the available features. These can be so useful, that you might wonder how you made due before bill pay became available with all its bells and whistles.

Ten things everyone should know about Zions Online Bill Pay:

  1. Online Bill Pay is not just for bills. What if a sibling bought a present for your parent and you want to pitch in and help pay for it? You can use Online Bill Pay, which will generate and send a paper check to your sibling without you needing to use your checkbook or pay postage. You can pretty much use bill pay to pay anyone.
  2. Many major companies are set up to send e-bills directly to your bill pay account. Paying these bills just takes a simple click of the mouse.
  3. Super flexible options. You can set up a recurring payment to automatically pay every month. You can set up an irregular payment to prompt you every month. You can make a memo note, just as you would on a paper check to help you describe the payment. Your online payments are maintained in a history for 18 months.
  4. Your Online Bill Pay is guaranteed to arrive on the scheduled date. For example, if your rent or mortgage is due by a certain day of the month, you can set it up in advance to always be delivered on that day. No more late fees because you forgot to send a bill payment out in time.
  5. You can schedule bill payments up to one year in advance. This is especially a great feature for grandparents who can now schedule birthday checks to arrive on time for every grandchild’s birthday. No more forgotten birthdays!
  6. Online Bill Pay will only kick in if you have funds in the account. What if you schedule a $1,000 mortgage payment in two weeks and when the date comes you don’t have $1,000 in your checking account? Online Bill Pay will send you a reminder so you can add funds in time for your bill to be paid. It won’t push your account in the negative.
  7. You can pay bills from a second checking account too. What if your household budget is set up so that you pay some bills from one checking account and other bills from a second checking account? You can set up Online Bill Pay so you can pick which account is used to pay which bills.
  8. Online Bill Pay is not just for consumers. If you have a small business, Online Bill Pay is a great option. Learn more.
  9. Online Bill Pay works on your phone. If you have a smart phone, be sure to download the Zions Bank mobile banking app and you can pay your bills anywhere from the convenience of your phone.
  10. Zions Bank Online Bill Pay Users Can Earn Rewards. From now through Now through October 31, 2015, you can earn prizes such as a digital music download, a $25 code, and a free digital movie rental. All you have to do is use Online Bill Pay to do regular stuff like add and pay a new bill, activate a new eBill, sign up for a new eBill auto pay, or establish a new recurring bill pay payment.

If you are not using Online Bill Pay yet, it is easy to enroll. Online Bill Pay is included at no cost for all Zions Bank personal accounts.

Until you find that genie in a lamp, Online Bill Pay may be the next best thing. Are you wishing for simplifying life’s expenses? Make bill paying worry free? Eliminating late fees? Use Online Bill Pay to grant yourself these wishes.

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