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Your BIG Day, on a Small Budget

Creative ways to deter nightmarish expenses without sacrificing your dream wedding.

Apr 22, 2014

Every bride or groom to-be knows about the obvious ways to save on wedding cost — narrowing down on the guest list, reducing the catering menu, or selecting a date in the offseason. But there are also more creative ways to deter nightmarish expenses without sacrificing your dream wedding.

Get Online

While Pinterest is perfect for providing pre-nuptial inspiration, there are more practical websites to help you pull everything together in a cost efficient manner. One such example is Bride Rush, a site designed solely to offer wedding deals on everything from the reception venue to the honeymoon suite. Another way to surf and save is by purchasing in-season wholesale flowers online and arranging them yourself. Finally, sending save-the-dates is optional to begin with, but if you feel you must, opt to deliver them virtually. Many websites offer cute, free save-the-date templates you can download to distribute via email. You’ll save on postage, printing costs, and paper, all while being eco-friendly.

Send for Reinforcements

Marriage isn’t just an occasion to seal the deal with your significant other, it’s a time of rallying support from all your relationships. Just as you can ask a bridesmaid or a groomsman to stand beside you during the ceremony, you can call upon others to help pull everything together for your wedding. In fact, it’s becoming a standard practice for many beauty, culinary, and entertainment professionals to donate their time and expertise as a wedding gift to their friends getting hitched. So don’t be afraid to ask. For example, if you have multiple friends with nice cameras, ask them to act as photographers in shifts throughout the event. That way, they won’t miss out on the fun and you won’t have to cough up huge fees for a photographer. This budget-friendly technique allows your loved ones to support your marriage in a way that’s distinctive to their individual skillsets. And the cost savings can add up quickly.

Hire an Intern. Yes, Really.

If your friends and family members don’t have all the skills you need, look for college students. Many aspiring DJs, event planners, and culinary artists are constantly searching for experience. Start by contacting a local college professor or counselor, so they can help you recruit. Students won’t always provide services for free, but they will definitely prove less expensive than hiring a working professional. You can test out their skills first to ensure that any “interns” are up to snuff with your expectations. Students you hire will get resume-building opportunities and real-world practice, and you’ll save money with ease.

Mum's the Word, Not "Marriage"

The wedding industry is notorious for its markups. Because there’s such extensive demand for high quality venues, catering, floral arrangements, and the like, vendors are able to charge a premium for goods and services that fall in the category of “wedding.” So, while you’re searching for deals, simply refer to your ceremony and reception as an “event” to avoid paying extra. This trick works for flowers, food, and sometimes, even venues. When it comes to the dress, you’ll obviously have to try a different tactic.

Say yes to spending less on your wedding day. All the money you save will contribute to a comfortable future for you and your new spouse and may even help you buy a home together. For more valuable pre-marital financial advice from Zions Bank read Three Financial Discussions Engaged Couples Should Have.


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