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Webinar: Credit 101, Your Credit and Buying a Home

Learn more about credit and how it may affect home buying.

Michele Weaver Oct 25, 2013

Michele Weaver from the Homeowner’s Café® provides information on credit and how it may affect home buying. She covers questions such as what is a credit score? How can viewing my credit report help me when buying a home? and Why is having good credit crucial to buying a home?

Zions Bank sponsors the Homeowners Café® as a service to the community; therefore, all information provided should be considered as educational in nature and not as professional services. By utilizing the services of, and the information provided by, the Homeowners Café, you acknowledge and agree this does not constitute any legal commitment to become a customer of any bank, including Zions Bank and its affiliates nor does it constitute an offer of any extension or modification of any credit to you by Zions Bank or its affiliates

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