Sentimental and Inexpensive Gift Ideas encourages women and men to discover their inner craftsmen and think outside the box this year.

Feb 11, 2013

Whether it’s a fast approaching holiday or birthday you put off until the last minute, your bank account may not be ready for another round of gift-giving. However, that won’t stop your significant others from anxiously awaiting breath-taking presents from you.

Garden Kit

Head to your local Wal-Mart® or Home Depot® and purchase two sets of gloves, hand rakes, transplanters and seeds. Put everything into a simple basket, wrap it with a bow and you’re all set. This is a gift that will keep on giving. Gardening will require due diligence from both individuals and make sure you plan to work on the garden together!

Sew Slipper Socks

Add soles to a pair of thick, wool socks to transform comfortable socks into cozy slippers. Simply trace a piece of cardboard around your foot, place the cardboard outline inside the sock and use an iron to attach fusible webbing onto the bottom of the socks. Remove the cardboard and you’ve got a new pair of slippers.

Printable Calendar

Most word processing software enables users to create a custom-made calendar. Take time to find sentimental photos of you and your sweetheart. More important than photos, however, are the special dates you highlight throughout the year. Take time to look back on important dates in your relationship and mark them on your homemade calendar.

Photo Bookmarks

If you don’t have the time to create a photo calendar, create photo bookmarks for your sweetheart. Print a couple of your favorite photos and super glue them onto a strip of cloth. You can also put pictures of your children on the bookmarks to remind your spouse how lucky he or she is.


Buy a small chalkboard, frame it and write messages on the board every morning to your Valentine. This is a great way to remind your spouse how important he or she is to you at the beginning of each day.

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