Four Ways to Save Money with Ease

Saving money has never come as naturally or as easily as it does now.

May 22, 2012

With the advent of innovations such as social media, mobile phone apps and electronic money transfers, saving money today is convenient and often effortless. Here are four tips to get you started.

1. Employee Direct Deposit Savings

According to CNNMoney, more employers are providing the option for employees to deposit a portion of their paycheck to their savings account while leaving another portion in checking. If this isn’t available at work, you can establish an amount with your bank to be transferred automatically from your checking account to savings.

2. GasBuddy Mobile App

Highlighted in the Chicago Tribune, GasBuddy is a free mobile app that lets you know, on the go, where the cheapest gas is. Using your location, GasBuddy gives you a list of the best deals by either distance or price. The lowest gas price could be just around the corner.  App users also have the chance to earn free gas every week.

3. Coupon Websites

The internet allows couponers the opportunity to find camaraderie and exchange helpful info.  Sites like and inform users about great deals, and give couponers a forum in which to swap with each other. It won’t take awkward scissor-cutting to get these savings, as shoppers can easily access and print coupons.

4. Credit Card Rewards

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Banks and credit-card companies are giving out record rewards to people who sign up for their cards.” Though there may be  requirements – such as minimum spending amounts and annual fees – the upfront rewards have recently expanded. Earned points can be redeemed for travel, products or cash. Saving skills can be learned and adhered to by any disciplined consumer. Knowing your options proves that lifestyle changes don’t have to be drastic, but can pay off generously.

Article credits:  CNNMoney, Extreme Couponing, e Coupons, Chicago Tribune, WSJ

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