Read This Before You File Online

With a variety of tax services to choose from, selecting one that fits your needs can feel overwhelming.

Mar 6, 2012

It’s estimated that over 95 million people will e-file their taxes in 2012. With a variety of tax services to choose from, selecting one that fits your needs can feel overwhelming. To assist you in the process, several online options have been below, as well as helpful tips you should consider before you click “purchase.”

Prior to picking a service, decipher your options. If you make less than $57,000 in gross income, you may qualify for Free File. Free File, a partnership between brand-name tax software companies and the IRS, offers tax services, preparation and e-filing for free.

The tax services listed below are not only authorized, they also received high ratings from TopTenREVIEWS for accuracy, customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Turbo Tax ($19.95- $99)

Known as a leader in do-it-yourself tax preparation, Turbo Tax gives step-by-step guidance and guarantees their calculations. The program’s benefits include services like the “Audit Risk Meter,” which gives a visual indication when there is a possible audit risk, and thorough deduction options, to name a few. To find out more about Turbo Tax, visit

Tax Act ($17.95- $54.95)

One of the most popular, yet affordable tax services is Tax Act. Generating attention by offering their Federal Edition package for free — Tax Act also offers a money-back guarantee, including a maximum refund pledge, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Other user-friendly services include video tutorials and a cell phone application where you can check the status of your return anytime. To find out more, about Tax Act visit

H&R Block ($19.95- $64.95)

H&R Block is one of the most convenient tax services, preparing over 50 million digital tax returns since 1994. With an H&R Block within five miles of most Americans, online customers can get a second opinion and unlimited help from tax professionals in person. All of their software products provide accuracy and a maximum refund guarantee with free audit support (in case you need representation before the IRS). To find out more about H&R Block, visit

After you’ve picked your online tax service, be prepared with your paper work, including records for deductions, expenses and credits. Also, have your bank account information ready for direct deposit options. Be sure to give yourself enough time to file, preferably in a quiet, stress-free environment.

Don’t forget, taxes are due April 17. If you cannot make the deadline, quickly file for an extension to avoid penalties and fees. Good luck e-filing!

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