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Trade Finance Services

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As the trend toward international markets accelerates, Zions Bank has the advantage of serving both local and foreign-based businesses. Current knowledge of the ever-changing international market and capability of handling documentary credits and foreign exchange are key factors that contribute to our effectiveness and efficiency.

Trade Finance Services*

Export, Standby, and Import Letters of Credit
An explanation of the various types of letters of credit and how they are typically used.

Export Bill Discounting
Zions Bancorporation purchases, on a without recourse basis, unconditional debt obligations arising from the supply of goods and/or services provided for under an export Letter of Credit.

Letter of Credit, Required Documents
The Bill of Lading, Order Bill of Lading, Airway Bill of Lading (Straight Bill of Lading) and the Commercial Invoice are the most common documents required in an Import or Export Letter of Credit. Each document is explained in further detail.

Government International Finance Programs
Several U.S. Government agencies and other multilateral development organizations provide financial services and incentives for U. S. businesses seeking to enter the international marketplace. Learn more about them.

Foreign Exchange Services, Collections
Foreign Exchange services are quickly becoming valuable tools in a rapidly changing worldwide marketplace. As international commerce grows, new methods of payment will emerge and become more and more commonplace.

Foreign Exchange Rates
View up-to-date currency exchange rates and place orders for foreign currency and/or foreign drafts.

Wire Transfers
We offer electronic funds transfer service for your convenience. We transmit your payment instructions using FEDWIRE® and SWIFT communications networks; and notify you when you receive funds. Please contact your Financial Center for further information.

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* Some services are subject to approval, restrictions apply.

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