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Business Performance Series

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Small to Medium Business (SMB) owners are said to be the fuel to the "Engine of America." These businesspeople create jobs, stimulate local economies, manage risk, and generate income. The income from these businesses fuels ongoing growth, education development, philanthropic endeavors, and new business ventures. Without successful small- to medium-sized businesses, communities struggle and economies are unstable.

The interest in creating and maintaining SMBs has never been higher. Universities are finding that the greatest increase in demand for education is coming in entrepreneurship and new venture management. People are interested in participating in creating organizations… not just going along for the ride of some other ongoing concern.

While the number of SMB starts is higher than ever, many businesses struggle to achieve the performance levels they anticipated when the organization was founded. The reason is obvious… lack of profitability. Profitability is often referred to as the "Bottom Line." With this in mind, the Bottom Line (profitability) can be calculated by using a simple formula.

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Business Concept Development
Business Plan Writing
Business Plan Review
Growth and Development Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Business Financial Review
Utah Entrepreneurial Challenge Mentor
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