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AmaZing Deals® Program

Promote your business to Zions Bank® credit card holders

Zions AmaZing Deals® is used by more than 4,000 businesses to help attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

Generate Incremental Revenue

As a participating merchant in the Zions AmaZing Deals® program, create special, exclusive offers to help drive first-time visits, more frequent visits, larger purchases and greater customer loyalty and increase your overall revenue.

Enjoy Exclusive Marketing Placement

As a participating merchant, receive a custom merchant web page with your logo, contact information and offer. Also display up to 8 images that showcase your products and/or services on your page.

Participation includes:

Measure Your Results

Receive a monthly report to see how the program is working for your business, including revenue generated, cash reward offers redeemed, new and repeat customers and average customer spend.

Start Participating Today

Call 866-681-2427 today to get started now.

Legal Disclosure

Powered by Access

This service is provided by Access®. Zions Bank® is not affiliated with Access and does not provide, warrant or guaranty Access services.

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