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Retaining and Recruiting Employees

Can you offer the right stuff?


Your prospective employees may be looking for certain benefits. Attracting and keeping the right employees may be critical to the growth of your business. Zions Bank can help you design a retirement plan that is structured to attract and reward key employees. In short, "the right stuff."

Offering benefits to your existing employees may be also part of your concern. Are each of your employees getting the education they need to be fully informed investors in your plan? Can your employees get information about their plans with professional unbiased information from organizations like Morningstar? Zions is dedicated to working with you to provide educational programs that will help you retain your employees.

  • Did you know that your plan can be structured to waive eligibility requirements for employees you are trying to recruit in your industry?
  • Did you know that an employee could forfeit their vested employer contributions under a "bad boy" provision?
  • Did you know you can weight contributions to your plan toward key employees?

These are just some of the ways you can design your plan to recruit and retain the best employees. See Consulting and Plan Design for custom solutions.

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