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Export Bill Discounting

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Export Bill Discounting or "without recourse" financing is a method of trade finance whereby Zions Bancorporation purchases, on a without recourse basis, unconditional debt obligations arising from the supply of goods and/or services provided for under an Export Letter of Credit.*

In an Export Bill Discount transaction, the exporter agrees to surrender the rights to claim for payment of goods or services delivered to an importer under a Letter of Credit, in return for a cash payment from Zions Bancorporation. In exchange for the payment, Zions Bancorporation takes over the Issuing Bank's debt obligation and assumes the full risk of the payment by the Issuing Bank. The exporter is thereby freed from any financial risk in the transaction and is liable only for the quality and reliability of the goods and/or services provided.

Benefits for Exporters

  • Conversion of credit transaction into a cash transaction
  • Financing on a without recourse basis
  • Improved liquidity
  • Cost is known beforehand, enabling the exporter to adjust pricing

Benefits for Importers

  • Flexibility to pay for goods on deferred credit terms
  • Fixed-rate financing
  • Access to foreign currency financing
Important Details
*Credit approval required. Subject to Restrictions. Call 801-844-7687 for more information.

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