Designing & Building Your Plan

Retirement options for your employees

Business Banking with Zions Bank

Zions Bank offers an ideal blend of retirement plan options to you and your employees. In fact, we can design your plan from the ground up, identifying the programs to offer your employees, educating them on their investment choices and even acting as the trustee if you wish.

401 (k) and other options

Learn about 401 (k) plans, profit sharing plans and recent changes in IRS regulations that permit companies to weight benefits to business owners and highly compensated employees.

Investment Choices

Zions is one of the Intermountain West's largest investment management organizations, whose expertise encompasses both fixed-income and equity investments. Learn More

Employee Communications

The Zions employee communications program uses video, brochure and digital projection presentations to educate your employees - usually at no extra cost. Learn More

Trustee Services

Zions Bank's experience assures that your plan assets will be handled by professionals. Zions Bank can serve as either discretionary or non-discretionary trustee for your plan. Learn More

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