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With a commercial equity line of credit, use what you have to get what you want

Zions Bank® Real Estate Commercial Equity Line of Credit and Commercial Real Estate Loans* are often the best option for long-term borrowing—up to 15 years. They can also be used for your short- and intermediate-term borrowing. Use a secured commercial equity line of credit to improve liquidity, increase working capital, expand your business, finance property improvement and more.

Compare a Zions Bank® secured credit line with other business financing options.

Do I Need a Commercial Equity Line of Credit or a Commercial Real Estate Loan?

If you need a short-term commercial real estate financing option, you may want a commercial equity line of credit. Commercial equity lines of credit can be used multiple times, as opposed to one-time commercial real estate loans. Rather than having the monthly payment of a commercial real estate loan, you make payments on your commercial equity line of credit until you pay off your balance.

Commercial equity lines of credit are generally used to finance receivables, investments or inventory, whereas commercial real estate loans are long-term solutions to acquire or refinance real estate. For more information on what commercial real estate financing option is right for your business, contact Zions Bank at 800-974-8800.

Real Estate Secured Line of Credit and Term Loans

Important Details
Types Business:
  • Commercial equity line of credit
  • Improvement loan
  • Construction loan
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Purpose
  • Take trade discounts
  • Finance receivables, investments or inventory
  • Improve liquidity
  • Meet short-term cash needs
  • Increase working capital
  • Expand business
  • Finance property improvements
  • Finance construction of owner-occupied commercial building
  • Acquire or refinance real estate
  • Term 12 to 180 months
    Collateral and Loan-to-Value Ratio Commercial real estate loans:
  • Up to 75% of value
  • Repayment Term Varies depending on loan type
    Rate Option Commercial equity line of credit: Variable
    All others: Fixed or variable
    Other Fees
  • Loan origination fee
  • Appraisal fee, if applicable
  • Title policy fee, if applicable
  • Important Details
    *Loans are subject to approval. Restrictions apply. Contact a Financial Center for details. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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