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Equipment Lease Financing with
Little or No Down PaymentApply Now

An Equipment Financing Line1 is a pre-qualified credit line that can be drawn upon with as little as 24 hours notice

If purchasing needed business equipment will compromise your cash flow, business equipment leasing may be for you.

Consider the benefits of the Zions Bank® Equipment Lease Financing program. For details view the Equipment Leasing FAQs or contact us at 888-281-3259.

Equipment Lease Financing Benefits

100% Equipment Lease Financing and Low or No Down Payment

With little or no down payment, retain your working capital for daily needs.

Preserve Cash Flow

Business equipment leasing often provides a lower monthly payment than traditional financing.

Alternative Source of Capital

Avoid last-minute financing and keep existing lines available.

Interest Savings

Business equipment leasing often gives you a lower after-tax cost of ownership of an asset.

Quick Turnaround

At Zions Bank, all decisions are made locally in Utah and Idaho, resulting in fast and easy turnaround. Once a line’s in place, transactions can be processed in 24 hours.

Off-Balance Sheet Financing and Tax Advantages

Some leases are accounted for as an equipment rental expense, which can improve your financial ratios and profitability measures while lowering your taxable income.

Available Zions Bank® Equipment Leasing Options

Tax Lease2

With a Tax Lease, Zions Equipment Finance retains the depreciation benefit and passes its income tax savings to you in the form of lower business equipment leasing payments. Lease payments are often fully tax deductible. And this structure gives you a variety of end of term options.

Finance Lease1

A Finance Lease lets you deduct interest and depreciation as you do with a traditional loan. Ownership of the asset is immediately passed to you at the end of term, or you can choose a predetermined balloon payment to lower your monthly payment throughout the term.

Learn more about and compare available Equipment Lease Financing options.

Can’t Decide Whether to Buy or Lease

Compare business equipment loans versus business equipment leasing side by side. Then, contact us today at 888-281-3259 and let Zions Bank® Equipment Lease Financing specialists help you identify the right solution for your business.

Important Details
1. Equipment lease financing is subject to credit approval. Certain criteria apply. See a specialist for details. Equipment lease financing is offered through Zions Credit Corporation, a subsidiary of Zions First National Bank.
2. Certain criteria apply.

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