Speaking on Business® Engagements

Invite Chris Redgrave to Present to Your Group or Business

Chris Redgrave, Zions Bank Senior Vice President of Community Relations, has presented to groups and businesses for more than 15 years. Take advantage of her experience and knowledge at your own function around one the following topics. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact Chris directly. Monies collected are donated to advocacy for children’s education, health and well-being in Utah.


The Millennial Generation is cause-driven, optimistic and has a powerful networking dynamic. Chris has researched this generation for more than 15 years and knows how their upbringing influences their presence in the workplace. Millennials are quickly becoming the dominant percentage in the workplace and are in the “age of acquisition,” so understanding what they value is critical to business today.

Power of Positivity

This presentation shares the most up-to-date research about the impact of positivity in the workplace. Chris has gathered information on the hard science of positivity and how it affects work performance and how you can help boost your own level of positivity.


Chris presents on the different characteristics of men and women and how this impacts their relationship in the workplace. While it is useful to know about the opposite gender, one of the most valuable aspects of this presentation is the insight into your own.

Utah on the Move

Utah on the Move is an educational presentation that highlights the positive aspects of the Utah business climate and promotes Utah as the best state in the nation to live, work and play. It’s available to local businesses, service organizations, business associations and community groups, among others. This presentation is offered by Chris in partnership with the Salt Lake Chamber.


After 25 years of business in the state of Utah, Chris will share experiences, trends and ideas on what it takes to be a leader in today’s market and why “changing disciplines” are essential to win.

Emcee Opportunities

In addition to business presentations, Chris is an experienced event host and emcee. She’s worked with some of the top organizations in the business community.