AmaZing Deals® PROGRAM

Zions Bank AmaZing Deals® is used by more than 4,000 businesses to help attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness[cite::55::cite].

Generate Incremental Revenue

As a participating merchant in the Zions Bank AmaZing Deals® program, create special, exclusive offers to help drive first-time visits, more frequent visits, larger purchases and greater customer loyalty and increase your overall revenue.

Enjoy Exclusive Marketing Placement

As a participating merchant, receive a custom merchant web page with your logo, contact information and offer. Also display up to eight images that showcase your products and/or services on your page.

Participation in the Zions Bank Amazing Deals® program includes:

Measure Your Results

Receive a monthly report to see how the Zions Bank AmaZing Deals® program is working for your business, including revenue generated, cash reward offers redeemed, new and repeat customers and average customer spend.

Start Participating Today

Call 866-681-2427 today to get started now.

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Market Your Business Through Our Speaking on Business® Program

Speaking on Business is a radio program highlighting diverse businesses throughout Idaho and Utah. Participation includes free publicity for your unique offering.