Treasury and Investments

With many options ranging from an automated Fed Funds Sweep account to Brokered Deposit and MMDA accounts, we have the tools to manage your accounts and can provide the products that your community bank needs.

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Capital Markets

As one of the nation's more established and experienced participants in the fixed income market, the Capital Markets[cite::8600::cite] department of Zions Bank offers its institutional clients a variety of fixed income products to help satisfy the client's investment needs and objectives.

Fixed Income + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Treasuries/US Government Securities
  • FHLB, FNMA, FHLMC, FFCB, Farmer Mac Agencies as well as Discount Notes
  • FDIC Insured CDs
  • Commercial Paper
  • Municipal Bonds (bank qualified)
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Corporate Bonds through Zions Direct[cite::8600::cite]
  • No commissions
  • Individual attention to your investment needs
  • One location for trade reconciliation and clearing - no additional calls
  • Speak directly to a designated officer on the trading floor

Term Brokered CD Deposits

With 25 years of extensive experience servicing banks across the US, the professionals at D.A. Davidson[cite::8601::cite] have the knowledge and expertise to structure and price new issue CDs, as well as trade CDs in the secondary market.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Distribution 
  • Capital
  • Self-clearing
  • Stability
  • Independent
  • Affordable, flexible funding for banks and thrifts
  • Minimal documentation needed with no collateral requirements
  • Allows both large and small banks to access deposits cost effectively regardless of their ratings
  • Bullets, Callables, Step-Ups and Floating Rate funding structures are available

Demand Deposit MarketplaceSM

Demand Deposit Marketplace[cite::8602::cite] (DDM) is the most comprehensive daily cash sweep program that enables community banks to offer all clients millions in FDIC insurance with daily liquidity, while precisely and strategically managing balance sheet deposit levels on any given day.

Benefits to Your Bank

  • $20MM in FDIC insurance per tax ID; $40MM for joint accounts; daily liquidity
  • Fully automated daily sweep solution
  • Access to program deposits on demand
Balance Sheet Management
  • Choose to send, receive, or reciprocate deposits (you determine what ratio works best for your bank)
  • Strategically plan to take deposits on or off balance sheet to meet funding goals, improve capital ratios and satisfy contingency fund plan requirements
  • Earn fee income on deposits sent into the DDM program
Risk Management
  • Diversifies bank funding sources/mitigates concentration risk
  • Safe alternative to riskier money fund investment programs
Deposit Solutions
  • Become a deposit taking bank in long-standing bank and brokerage sweep programs; stable, reliable source of retail funds not driven by rate competition
  • Competitively priced deposits, typically lower net costs than FHLB advances, retail or brokered CDs or other borrowed funds
Trust/Wealth Management
  • Attractive and safe alternative to money fund investments
  • Eliminates the risks associated with money fund investing (credit, market, geopolitical, economic, etc.)
  • Outside the scope of money fund reform (fluctuating NAV, liquidity fees/gates)
  • Provide investors with competitive yields on uninvested cash
  • Can immediately utilize trust/wealth management deposits to fund the bank (not possible with money fund investments)
Public Funds
  • Proven, highly competitive program to help community banks win public funds bids
  • Replace expensive and burdensome repo sweep programs and the need to collateralize deposits
  • Provides millions in FDIC insurance that many public funds need and require by investment policy mandate
  • Protects deposits critical to community programs and projects

Fed Sweep Excess Balance (EBA)

Acting as agent for your bank, Zions Bank can sweep any amount you have over your target balance to the FED through Zions automated Fed Sweep program.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • With Zions Bank's new FED EBA sweep account, excess balances are swept to the FED each day
  • Transactions after 5 p.m. (EST) will be posted the next day; interest and other minor transactions are not swept
  • Balances may be maintained in any number of accounts
  • Allows your bank to choose a target balance with Zions Bank
  • Your excess funds (above your target balance) are swept to the FED to earn interest

Foreign Exchange Services

If your bank has customers that are buying, selling or investing overseas, a suite of foreign exchange services would enable you to assist them with executing their cross border payments and managing their FX exposure. 

Our Foreign Exchange Advisors are dedicated to ensuring your bank has the appropriate solution set to add value to your customers as they pursue their international business objectives. We welcome the opportunity to help you fulfill your customers’ international needs and will invest the time to support your customers’ transactions, straightforward or complex.

Products Offered, Benefits and Features

  • Foreign currency trades
  • Spot, forwards, swaps
  • Non-deliverable forwards
  • Foreign currency drafts, foreign currency accounts, foreign currency bank notes and foreign currency collections processing
  • Flexible and intuitive system for managing foreign exchange
  • Simplified initiation of foreign currency payments
  • Access to robust global expertise
  • Streamlined access to services such as foreign currency bank notes, check collections and draft production

Automated Fed Funds Sweep

Zions Bank Corresponding Banking has offered an automated Fed Funds Sweep Account[cite::8603::cite] nearly 40 years. Zions Bank was one of the first banks in the nation to do so.

How It Works + Benefits to Your Bank

  • All Collected Funds received will automatically sweep into Fed Funds at the end of each day
  • A Fed Funds line of credit* may be established for short term use
  • The sweep permits Fed Funds to be purchased simply by drawing the account down below a zero balance
  • Fixed rate is set early each day
  • No more daily phone calls to estimate a settlement position
  • You simply book the interest on all collected balances
  • Account balances, daily rates and transaction history can be easily found online
  • A Fed Funds Line supplements your current liquidity program
  • Low monthly account fees and no fees for Fed Funds purchased

Image Clearing Products

Zions Bank has been an innovator in advancing image check clearing solutions and was instrumental in the passing of Check21 legislation. We're also a leader in Remote Deposit Capture and have private labeled our RDC product for your bank. In addition, we have an inexpensive and basic Branch Capture system. 

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Private Labeled for your bank
  • Deposit checks from your office at any time
  • Improves funds availability
  • Reduces float and decreases fraud
  • Merchant support provided

Branch Capture

  • Inexpensive, quick, low-cost implementation
  • Simple, easy-to-use capture system/software
  • Reduced proof department
  • Expands service footprint by allowing more remote branch locations
  • Requires unit bank or real-time processing

Image Cash Letter

  • Decreases float and increases funds to invest
  • Reduces number of sort pockets
  • Minimizes courier costs
  • Reduces transport risk and fraud

Private Labeled Lockbox

Our lockbox services include wholesale and retail lockbox processing. Image Lockbox Services is wholesale lockbox processing that significantly reduces mail float and processing costs associated with your clients incoming checks and invoices. Retail Lockbox Processing provides a cost-effective solution for companies that wish to expedite their receivable collecting and posting.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Data Transmissions
  • Image Transmissions
  • Exception Processing (check only transactions)
  • Positive/Negative Files
  • File Storage and Access (Image CD and online)
  • X937 All Items Deposit Posting File
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Improved Payment Processing
  • Reduces Storage Costs
  • Satisfies Internal Audit Requirements

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