Correspondent Banking Solutions

Zions Bank offers a variety[cite::2::cite] of correspondent banking products and treasury solutions[cite::2030::cite] to manage liquidity, build investments and generate income for your customers and your bank.

Solutions to Help Your Bank and Banking Customers Better Manage Cash Flow

Automated Fed Funds Sweep

Stop spending time estimating how much money to sell or borrow in Fed Funds. Zions Bank® Fed Funds Sweep automatically moves your money into an interest bearing account, maximizing earning potential while minimizing costs. A Fed Funds Line lets you purchase funds simply by drawing your DDA account to a negative balance.

Fixed Income and Municipal and Government Securities

Zions Bank Capital Markets is an experienced fixed income products provider and securities dealer that can provide the information, pricing and market access needed to effectively manage your investment portfolio. Securities purchased can be transferred directly to your Zions Bank Correspondent Banking safekeeping account.

Fed Sweep Excess Balance Account (EBA)

Acting as your agent, Zions Bank can sweep any amount above your target balance to the Fed each day through Zions automated Fed Sweep program.

MMDA Insured Deposit Program

An omnibus Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) is a simple source of funding for your bank. You get a brokered funding source at competitive rates.

Core Processing

Access FPS Gold’s proprietary software for banking applications and state-of-the-art data processing center through Zions Bank. FPS Gold gives your bank a proven record, qualified staff and personalized customer service — all at a competitive price.

Term-Brokered CD Deposits

Work with Zions Bank and the professionals at D.A. Davidson to structure and price new issue CDs as well as trade CDs in the secondary market.

Safekeeping — Portfolio Accounting

Cost-effective Safekeeping Services handle all aspects of your securities safekeeping. Zions Bank deposits coupon and principal payments directly to your correspondent account. With a Fed Funds Sweep Account, begin earning interest immediately. Review a detailed monthly statement anytime online. Additionally, a robust portfolio accounting application from Clearwater Analytics includes a variety of financial reports customizable to your bank’s specific needs.

Additional Treasury Solutions

Zions Bank also offers additional Treasury solutions that you and your customers can use, including:

Credit Solutions

Credit and loan solutions for your bank’s customers and your bank itself. Discover a full range of credit and liquidity products[cite::2::cite] to serve your bank and customers and meet your liquidity or overline needs. Leverage the knowledge and experience of the Zions Bank credit and loan teams to help retain and attract customers, while boosting your credit capabilities.

Fed Funds Line

Establish a Fed Funds Line and purchase funds by simply drawing your DDA to a negative balance with Zions Bank’s automated process.

Loan Pricing Application

Improve your margin and asset quality and grow faster by implementing PrecisionLender — a robust and disciplined pricing management system.

Loan Participations

Zions Bank participates, up or downstream, through a less-than-100% sale or pari passu arrangement with your bank. Zions Bank is both FAS 140 and Regulation F compliant, and offers flexible terms and rates. Capabilities include commercial and industrial loan and owner-occupied commercial properties with specific expertise in several industrial and asset classes, including transportation (air, ground); health care; high net-worth individuals’ lines of credit; retail and service industries.

Loan Directors, Officers and Principal Shareholders

Zions Bank provides secured and unsecured short-term and long-term credit facilities or participates with your bank to qualify individuals or businesses. Officers and Directors can lend to the bank as proceeds or for their personnel or other business needs. Repayment sources can include bank earnings, borrower’s liquid assets or outside cash flow. Where Regulation O may restrict borrowing from your bank or if you prefer the customer borrow from a third party, Zions Bank offers an excellent source solution.

Letters of Credit

Under approved credit lines to your bank, Zions Bank guarantees performance (a “confirmation”) of your letters of credit, domestic or international. Zions Bank can also directly issue a letter of credit on behalf of your bank. Competitive rates help you retain business and offer a new product line through a streamlined process.

Factoring Solution

As an alternative to conventional financing, Business Credit Services offer a source of cash that ensures available funds and flexibility for growing businesses. From a start-up to a financially sound company with seasonal needs, Zions Bank provides funds to assist your client companies with cash flow needs based on the creditworthiness of their commercial accounts receivable.

Additional Credit and Loan Solutions

Zions bank also offers additional credit and loan solutions that you and your customers can use, including:

  • Revolving Lines of Credit where you or your customers can pay off or borrow from your approved limit on a short-term basis.
  • Corporate Credit Cards issued directly to individuals in your organization to aid your expense process.
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans to increase your lending capacity by working with Zions National Real Estate.
  • Agricultural Financing through Zions Agricultural Finance to offer outstanding agricultural mortgage products to your customers while retaining the relationship and servicing revenue with no interest rate or credit risk to you.

Community Bank Products for Bank Administration and Customer Growth and Retention

Zions Correspondent Banking offers a variety of solutions[cite::2::cite] that can help your bank increase revenue, efficiency and satisfaction for both your bank and your customers.

Access a leader in transaction automation, Arca. It offers advanced teller-assist cash recyclers and dispensers that streamline branch operations and improve customer service. Arca assesses your needs to provide technology, training, support and service for seamless integration and long-term success.

A great way to compete with banks that heavily promote surcharge-free ATM access and fee rebates to their own and other financial institutions’ cardholders is through surcharge-free ATM access. Through Zions Bank, access the MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATM network and help your bank stay competitive and better retain and satisfy your cardholders.

Use Second-Chance Checking to serve a previously underserved segment, those who don’t qualify for a checking account due to a history of account closures, in a way that meets their needs and is profitable for your bank.

Employee Benefit Solutions

Zions Correspondent Banking offers correspondent banking services[cite::2::cite] for employee benefits. Solutions that can help your bank better serve your customers and your own employees. Also see Health Care Accounts.

Private Label Solutions

Find a variety of community bank consulting services[cite::2::cite] through Zions Bank® Correspondent Banking, including products your bank can private label for your own customers.

Trust Operations Outsourcing

Through Zions Bank, Zions Bank Correspondent Banking offers customized solutions designed to meet your trust department accounting and investment management needs. Using trust accounting software, Zions Bank provides full or partial back-office support for your bank.

Corporate Trust

As an objective, neutral third party, Zions Bank Corporate Trust draws upon a range of escrow services to manage your client's safekeeping and disbursement requirements.

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