Credit Services and Products

We provide a full range of credit and liquidity products to serve community banks to meet your liquidity or overline needs. With the knowledge and experience of our credit and loan department, we can help your bank retain and attract customers, while augmenting your credit capabilities.

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Agricultural Finance

Zions Bank delivers long-term Ag mortgage loans on time-keeping you in the relationship driver’s seat. By allowing Zions Bank Agricultural Finance to work with you through our Loan Correspondent program, you'll be able to offer outstanding agricultural mortgage products to your customers. As a Zions Bank Loan Originator, you retain the relationship and servicing revenue with no interest rate or credit risk to you.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Farm/ranch land acquisitions
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Capital expansion
  • Competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms
  • Mortgages with open prepayment and conversion options
  • Interest rate terms (adjustable or fixed) combining both security and savings
  • You retain the relationship
  • You receive loan origination fee income
  • You receive an ongoing loan servicing annuity
  • You have no interest rate or credit risk and do not use bank capital
  • You offer Ag mortgages that work for both you and your customers

Commercial Card

The Commercial Card[cite::8614::cite] program is designed to provide your key personnel with a bank-issued credit card. In addition to employee expenses, the commercial card program can also be used to pay your bank’s vendors, enabling you to maximize your bank’s revenue share.

Benefits to Your Bank

  • No Annual Fee
  • Customized Cards with your bank's logo (no additional fee)
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Electronic Expense Reporting/Travel Expense Control
  • Spending/Purchase Control
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Integration/Corporate Billing

Correspondent Credit

We'd like to work with you by providing a variety of credit products[cite::8615::cite] that allows you to better meet the needs of your clients and strengthens your lending relationships.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Loan participations from 10% to 90%
  • Loans for Owner-user and investment real estate, Equipment financing, Directors/Principals of your bank, Guarantor reliant and others
  • Letters of Credit (confirmations, direct issues, domestic and international)
  • Revolving business lines of credit
  • The ability to compete with larger banks and reach beyond your lending limit
  • Continue to extend credit to your best clients and help avoid concentrations
  • Grow balance sheet and enhance relationship profitability
  • Offering price-swap options and providing lower long-term fixed rates
  • Gain a long-term working relationship with nationwide lending reach

Zions National Real Estate

Zions is the premier nationwide wholesale secondary market leader in the origination and purchase of commercial real estate secured first mortgage loans.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Acquire first mortgage commercial real estate loans from eligible financial institutions
  • Typically "co-originate" or directly fund these loans
  • Purchase existing whole loans or loan portfolios
  • May pay referring lender a premium on qualifying loans purchased
  • Maintain or increase liquidity
  • Mitigate loan type concentrations
  • No longer constrained by your legal lending limits
  • Open new depository relationships with new customers funded through this program
  • Earn fee income (up to 700 bps) on each loan
  • Maintain depository relationship with your client

Zions Equipment Financing

Zions Equipment Finance is the equipment financing division for Zions Bancorporation and supports the equipment financing and leasing needs of the Bancorporation's clients. Types of equipment financed include construction and trucking, medical and dental, computers and software, office equipment, material handling and warehouse, printing, machine tools, telecommunication, aircraft, and more.

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Up to 100% financing of the invoice amount
  • Equipment Loans or Leases
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • Pre-approved Equipment Guidance Line allows your clients to purchase equipment throughout the year
  • Equipment Division of the bank that handles nothing but Equipment Financing
  • We pay income for referrals
  • We can help with clients that are close to or have already exceeded your lending limits
  • We can generally get credit approvals in around three business days for requests up to 750M, and seven business days for requests above 750M.
  • Many equipment vendors have their own preferred lenders so by setting your clients up on pre-approved equipment lines, it helps to keep the competition out

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