Correspondent Banking Solutions

Zions Bank offers a variety[cite::2::cite] of correspondent banking products and treasury solutions[cite::2030::cite] to manage liquidity, build investments and generate income for your customers and your bank.

Treasury and Investments

With many options ranging from an automated Fed Funds Sweep account to Brokered Deposit and MMDA accounts, we have the tools to manage your accounts and can provide the products that your community bank needs.

Credit Services and Products

We provide a full range of credit and liquidity products to serve community banks to meet your liquidity or overline needs. With the knowledge and experience of our credit and loan department, we can help your bank retain and attract customers, while augmenting your credit capabilities.

Additional Products

Zions Correspondent Banking has several other services that can help your bank increase revenue, generate fee income, expand your market base, and gain a competitive advantage. We can also provide products that allow you to better serve your customers.

Third Party Solutions

At Zions Enterprise Correspondent Banking, we’re always looking for new ways and new products to help our community banking clients. When those services aren’t something we can directly provide, we use our connections in the industry and the community to bring you innovative products from some of our most experienced and trusted service providers around the country.

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