Additional Products and Solutions

Zions Correspondent Banking has several other services that can help your bank increase revenue, generate fee income, expand your market base and gain a competitive advantage; while also giving your bank products that allow you to better serve your customers.

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1031 Exchange Services

Clients planning on selling investment property may face a large capital gain that could be subject to federal and state taxes. A tax-deferred exchange under §1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows clients to sell investment properties and acquire "like-kind" properties while deferring capital gain taxes. Let Zions Bank’s Exchange Services, LLC, a bank-owned qualified intermediary, facilitate your clients’ §1031 tax-deferred exchanges[cite::8616::cite].

What We Offer + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Qualified Trust Accounts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Certified Exchange Specialist
  • Nationwide Service
  • Hold the exchange funds deposit during the 1031 exchange period
  • Assist the client in acquisition of replacement assets
  • Opportunity to finance replacement assets
  • Expand the overall bank relationship with the client by providing additional services and products

Strategic Financial Services

ALM First Financial Advisors[cite::8604::cite] is a strategic partner for depositories, offering an array of financial advisory services. Our expertise in asset liability management, fixed income portfolio management, and hedging allows us to deliver deeper insights into financial institutions' balance sheets, strengthen their financial performance, and build efficiencies.

Products/Services + Potential Benefits to Your Bank

  • Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management
  • Mortgage Pipeline Hedging
  • Balance Sheet Advisory
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights Hedging
  • Derivatives Strategy and Execution
  • Capital Planning and Stress Testing
  • Asset Liability Management
  • CECL Analysis
  • Enhanced investment portfolio performance and execution
  • Optimize mortgage portfolio performance
  • RIA versus broker/dealer model: fee-based advisor versus commission-driven incentives
  • Customized, actionable strategies that enhance profitability

Cash Recycling Technology

A leader in transaction automation, ARCA[cite::8605::cite] offers advanced teller cash recyclers that streamline branch operations and improve customer service. ARCA will work with your bank to determine your needs and to provide technology, training, support and service for seamless integration and long-term success.

What ARCA Offers + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Cash-in, cash-out automation
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Affordable and simple to operate
  • UL291 vaults for secure overnight storage
  • Software is compatible with Windows-based teller applications
  • Software includes bill breaking and currency counter modes
  • Duress alarm functions
  • Cash inventory management
  • Electronic journal
  • Onsite training included as well as worry-free installation and integration
  • Free tellers to focus on customers, not cash
  • Automate individual cash drawers
  • Reduce staffing levels
  • Reduce internal and external theft
  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Analyze cash positions with robust reporting

Business Credit Solutions

Business Credit Solutions[cite::8617::cite] provides working capital through a modified factoring product to assist with cash flow needs based on the creditworthiness of commercial accounts receivable. As an alternative to conventional financing, we offer a stable and flexible source of funding that ensures available liquidity and flexibilty for growing or transitional businesses. From start-up to financially sound companies with seasonal needs, we can deliver working capital solutions tailored to your requirements and industry.

Who We Are and What We Offer

  • The capacity to fund transactions up to $50,000,000
  • A unique combination of business credit services in commercial banking provides the advantage of competitive pricing and relationship-based bankers
  • Over 100 years of combined business credit experience
  • Financing a variety of business types and unique, non-traditional situations

Solutions That Work

Industrial Plant Services Company

While experiencing erratic profitability, high leverage, and declining sales, this company secured a $15,000,000 factoring line for 18 months from Business Credit. Profitability and equity were eventually restored and the client returned to the sponsoring lender with a $20,000,000 RLOC and Treasury Management services in place.

Specialty Oilfield Manufacturer

At start-up, this business made 100% of initial sales to one customer. Because of experienced management, a promising business plan, good invoice documentation, and strong debtor credit ratings, Business Credit approved a $350,000 factoring line in one week. This facility was eventually increased to $1,500,000 and currently represents a low six-figure depository and medium six-figure bank loan relationship today.


This company is in the business of transporting industrial equipment using third party haulers. After being with another factoring company who did not respond to their needs, this business decided to move to Business Credit in order to develop a long term banking relationship. Business Credit provided a $600,000 factoring line based on management’s experience, established network of trucking companies, and strong invoice documentation.

Investment Portfolio Reporting

Clearwater[cite::8606::cite] provides the five things every financial institution needs to solve their investment accounting and reporting challenges.

"Great accounting, excellent reporting, easy interface, phenomenal staff." -- Sunita Parasuraman, Treasury Manager, Facebook, Inc.

Benefits to Your Bank

  • Focus on strategy and analysis as opposed to gathering and reconciling data
  • Instantly access audit-proof call reports, general ledger entries, and accounting reports
  • Review daily, detailed risk analytics, investment policy compliance, and performance measurement analytics to effectively manage your portfolio
  • Connect with highly trained customer service to get quick answers to complex investment accounting-related questions
  • Ramp up your portfolio growth with a scalable reporting solution
  • Clearwater empowers you to have clarity, confidence, and control over your entire investment portfolio

What Clearwater Analytics Offers

  • Accurate and timely investment data
  • Streamlined investment accounting and reporting
  • Independent and integrated investment analytics and compliance monitoring
  • Outstanding customer service
  • An automated, scalable, and easy-to-use solution

Zions Bank® Corporate Trust

Our goal is to build lasting relationships by providing excellent service while adding value to your transactions through our efficiency, skill and attention to detail. With more than 100 years of service, Zions Bank Corporate Trust[cite::8618::cite] has the resources and expertise to exceed your expectations. As an Escrow Agent, we'll act as a neutral third party to hold and disburse funds or documents.

What We Offer

Corporate Trust Services
  • Trustee/Successor Trustee
  • Custodian
  • Fiscal Agent
  • Commercial Paper IPA
  • Shareholder Management
  • Paying Agent or Registrar
  • Collateral/Tender/Escrow Agent
  • Dissemination Agent
  • Exchange Agent
Custody Services
  • Accurate/Timely Trade Settlement Reporting
  • Communicate Proxy and Capital Change Notices
  • Trade Protection DVP/RVP
  • Responsive and Accessible Administration
  • Secured Custody of Cash/Services
  • Independent Security Pricing
  • Online Query Tool for Custom Reporting
  • Collect Interest and Dividends, Splits and Calls
Escrow Agent Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Class Action Settlement/Litigation
  • In Lieu of Guaranty/LOC
  • Bond Defeasance or Refunding
  • Franchise and Good Faith Deposit
  • Conractor Retention/Construction
  • Business Escrows
  • Project Financing
  • Lease Arrangements
  • Environmental Protection
  • Indemnification
  • Structured Settlements

Banking Software and Services

FPS GOLD® has developed proprietary software for banking applications in its state-of-the-art data processing center. FPS GOLD[cite::8607::cite] has a distinguished track record with many years of experience, a highly qualified staff, and personalized customer service at a competitive price.

What FPS GOLD Offers + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Core Processing
  • Relationship Banking
  • Deposit System
  • Loan System
  • Retail and Commercial Banking
  • Internet/Mobile Banking
  • Unmatched service with a personal touch
  • Flexible systems and ease of use
  • Single provider for your accounting, deposit, loan and internet systems
  • Compatibility for accounting, deposits, loans, commercial lending and training systems
  • Robust and secure data processing
  • Integrated services such as internet banking, print and digital monthly statements and accounting

Healthcare Savings and Payment Cards

With Healthcare Payment debit cards from Zions Bank, offered and managed through ConnectYourCare, you can offer your employees access to their Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) and Dependant Care Accounts (DCAP)[cite::8619::cite]. These account options offer your employees savings and 􀀀lexibility for their healthcare dollar.

Benefits to Your Employees + Benefits to Your Bank

  • Allows your employees to contribute tax free dollars to their health care
  • HSAs allow employees to contribute, earn and withdraw tax free money, even saving it from year to year
  • Multi-purpose card allows employees to easily access funds, including having one card to access multiple accounts (HSA and FSA, etc.)
  • Website allows easy access into account balances, history, online claim reimbursements, hospital and drug cost comparison tools, and more
  • Significant reduction to insurance premiums when HSAs are combined with a High Deductible Health Plan
  • Offer your employees new and valuable benefits at little to no cost to you
  • A website for employees offers simple program control
  • Continue to work with your exisitng insurance company

International Banking

As the global marketplace continues to evolve, international businesses must be ready for the expanding opportunities and risks associated with transacting business across borders. If your bank has customers with global trade flows, our wide range of global trade services[cite::8620::cite] are available to you to assist them in meeting these challenges.

Who We Are and What We Offer

We speak the language of international trade. We offer a wide range of global trade services and an expert team of International Banking Specialists. We're dedicated to supporting your organization and your customers as they pursue their global trade objectives. Our services include:

  • Letters of Credit, including import and export, standby and documentary
  • Documentary Collections, import and export
  • Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program
  • SBA Export Working Capital and International Trade Loans
  • Payables Financing
  • Credit-insured Lending
  • Trade Finance

Ex-Im Bank Working Capital

Dependable sources of working capital are the key for a company’s growth and stability. We use the Ex-Im[cite::8621::cite] Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program to support the export of U.S. goods and services. As one of ten Fast Track Delegated Authority lenders in the U.S., we have the experience to deliver this unique financing solution. 

  • Ex-Im certified lenders with 20+ years of experience with Ex-Im Bank
  • Ability to commit up to $10MM per borrower under Delegated Authority and $25MM under Fast Track
  • Ex-Im Bank Small Business Lender of the Year 2014
  • Ex-Im Advisory Board position 2015 and 2016
  • Maximizes borrowing potential to unlock collateral to support foreign projects: allows 90% advance on receivables and 75% advance on inventory (including WIP)
  • Supports direct and indirect exports
  • Reduced collateralization requirement for standby letters of credit (25% of face value)
  • Project concentration allowed under program

Telemedicine Services

What if your institution could offer unlimited, free doctor visits[cite::8608::cite] to your clients and employees just for being an account holder? With MDLIVE, you can.

With MDLIVE, your bank can offer industry-leading Telemedicine services to your clients and employees and they'll pay nothing for doctor visits through the service.

What MDLIVE Offers

In short, the direct access to a board-certified medical doctor, 24/7, 365 days a year, by secure phone, video or mobile app at no cost to your clients and employees. Diagnosis and remedy, including prescriptions, takes just minutes and is done when the patient chooses. It covers non-emergency conditions such as:

  • Common cold
  • Allergies
  • Constipation
  • Insect bites
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory issues
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Cough
  • UTI
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea
  • Ear problems

Benefits to Your Bank

Revenue Opportunity

  • Increase revenue through attracting new depositors by offering unlimited doctor visits at no cost to clients and their families.
  • Increase fee income by offering MDLIVE as a new benefit at a mark-up over your program cost.
  • Enhance future revenue through future generations that are covered by the MDLIVE services.
  • Millennials are looking for alternatives to primary care physicians, and telemedicine is the perfect solution.


  • As your clients use the MDLIVE services they'll recognize the value and connect it to your institution.

Core Processor Contract Negotiations

Paladin ts[cite::8609::cite] is a core banking and IT contract negotiation and fintech advisory firm that helps community banks and credit unions unlock captive value in contracts, saving financial institutions an average of $1.3 million per contract. Paladin fs combines years of pricing data, deep insider knowledge of core contracts, and decades of banking expertise to drive fair, efficient and equitable negotiations.

What Paladin fs Offers

As a partner and advocate, Paladin fs helps financial institutions assess their full technology stack, identify and procure new innovative technologies, and secure equitable contracts with less risk.

Fintech Advantage - Industry experrts help banks and credit unions modernize and parter with collaborative technology suppliers in ways that carve out unique, profitable, and sustainable advantages in a highly competitive and fast-evolving industry.

Quote Check - Since 2009, Paladin fs has saved banks $217 million in potential overpayment for ancillary products and services. Banks simply share any existing price quote and within 48 hours, Paladin fs determines whether a better deal can be secured. For a flat $499, Paladin fs reviews contracts to ensure best terms and pricing, and provides recommendations for optimal vendor negotiations.

Blue Book - The most comprehensive resource on vendor contract, pricing and market data in existence includes 10 years of invoices and contracts from 1,250 banks across the country. With Blue Book, and Paladin's free, confidential core IT cost review, banks never have to overpay again.

Lifetime Contract Protection - Paladin fs stands by all contracts they negotiate. Banks are eligible (no additional charge) for Quote Check, annual invoice reconciliation, management and board reports, and M&A assessment.

Benefits to Your Bank

  • Confidential cost and contract review - absolutely free of charge
  • Ability to get the latest technology at a fair price
  • The best, locked-in terms for your specific needs
  • Secured flexible conditions
  • Limited risk exposure
  • Ability to add and replace technology as needed, on your schedule

Multi-Channel Video Banking

POPi/o Video Banking Collaboration[cite::8610::cite] is an interactive solution that provides the bridge between your physical and digital strategies. Provide a video solution that meets rising consumer expectations.

What We Offer + Potential Benefits to Your Bank

  • Branch visits from anywhere - Extend your digital channels to begin providing services that were previously only available within the branch
  • Smart interactions - Loan and other processes can be started and finished in a single video visit. Sign documents, request and receive required documents, educate, and present utilizint POPi/o in the branch, at home, and on the go
  • Easily integrated - POPi/o can quickly be branded to fit into your branch, web SDKs allow you to integrate into your website, and mobile SDKs allow you to deploy to your mobile banking app
  • Avoid long sales and application processes
  • Reduce loan loss by inserting your agents directly into known areas of friction in current processes
  • Mitigate fraud through another layer of verification (video)
  • Increase personal relationships with your consumer base, and thereby increase your share of wallet
  • Better serve areas that are currently under-served

Identity Fraud Protection and Mobile Device Insurance

Secure Identity Systems[cite::8611::cite] (SIS) helps financial institutions reduce expenses, attract new customers, improve retention, differentiate from their local competition, and enhance the customer experience. Our key to accomplishing these objectives is providing financial institutions with innovative products and services that their customers want and need. Over 750 financial institutions across the United States are utilizing our revenue-generating products and programs. We can show you how to save your customers hundreds of dollars a year, while the bank makes thousands.

What SIS Has to Offer

  • Total Identity Monitoring® - Identity fraud protection
  • Resolution and Restoration Services - Fully managed resolution services
  • SecureMobile - Cell phone and mobile device insurance
  • Account Authentication and Verification - ID validation
  • Credit Service - Monitoring, reports, scores
  • Dark Web Monitoring - Where information is bought and exchanged 
  • New Account Opening - Real-time alerting for accounts being opened
  • StealthType - Anti-keylogging tools

Benefits to Your Bank

  • Income guarantee
  • Provide multi-generational products to customers
  • Receive a true ROI
  • Account acquisition and retention
  • Differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Significantly increase non-interest revenue
  • Decrease fraud and protect your customers

Total Identity Monitoring Key Features

  • Monitoring of over 1,500 databases
  • Identifies fraud faster
  • Proactive alerting of suspected fraud
  • We fix the problems immediately
  • Fully-managed resolution
  • Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses
  • Staff education
  • Family coverage up to six people

SecureMobile Key Features

  • Insurance for any iOS or Android device
  • Next day phone/tablet replacement
  • Lower deductibles
  • Remote wiping or locking of your device
  • Locating your device from anywhere
  • Securing and restoring of data
  • Family coverage up to six people

Community Bank Subordinated Debt

StoneCastle Financial Corp.[cite::8612::cite] continues to invest almost exclusively in community banks and to help reduce the cost of capital. In October 2015, StoneCastle invested $45.5 million to buy the entire equity (first loss) tranche of Community Funding CLO, LTD, an entity comprised primarily of $250.5 million investments in unsecured, subordinated loans made to 35 FDIC-insured community banks, savings institutions or their holding companies, and diversified across 24 states. We're seeking to make similar investments to provide funding to other community banks at levels previously available only to larger banks. StoneCastle Financial is an endorsed partner of the ABA’s Corporation for American Banking.[cite::8612::cite]

Benefits to Your Bank

  • 10-year non-amortizing subordinated debt as a fixed rate
  • Tier 2 at holding company or bank, downstreamed as common equity to bank
  • Interest is tax deductible resulting in an after tax cost of capital potentially below 5%
  • Unlike common stock, there is no ownership dilution
  • Sizes: $1-12.5 million
  • Rate: Fixed rate between 6.99% and 7.49% (subject to change)

Noncumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock

  • Perpetual maturity, callable after five years
  • Tier 1 at holding company or bank, downstreamed as common equity to bank
  • Senior to common stock - interest on preferred must be paid before common stockholders
  • Sizes: $1-15 million
  • Rate: 8.5-9.0% (subject to change)

Investment Criteria for Issuers

  • Private and public banks and holding companies
  • Total assets between $90 million and $3 billion
  • At least seven years of operating history
  • No current enforcement actions restricting dividends

Cybersecurity Education, Awareness and Threat Intelligence

Did you know that according to leading industry and government reports, 90% of all cyber breaches occur because an employee wasn't educated on the basic steps of cybersecurity? ThreatAdvice[cite::8613::cite] was founded to provide financial institutions and companies of all types with comprehensive cybersecurity education and awareness by offering tools to educate employees on good cyber practices, help identify and respond to an attack, simulate cyber attacks, and provide actionable threat intelligence.

What ThreatAdvice Offers

Cybersecurity Education Module - ThreatAdvice's Learning Management System coaches your employees on the skills needed to avoid cyber-crime. Employee progress is monitored through a dashboard allowing management to report on overall completion and success rates. CLE and CPE credits available for some states.

Cybersecurity Awareness Module - ThreatAdvice can assist in the creation of a cyber risk profile and will assess your organization's weaknesses using various tools including phishing simulations, network exposure scans, email exposure scans and more.

Intellisense Threat Intelligence Module - Gain valuable threat intelligence on your industry or business. Receive alerts on situations that directly threaten your organization or industry. Stay ahead of potential threats and become more proactive, more effective, and more strategic about defenses.

ThreatAdvice Partner Program

ThreatAdvice understands that business competition is fierce, both to gain new customers and retain the ones that you have. Because of this, companies are always looking for extra services and solutions to offer their customers. We designed the ThreatAdvice Partner Program with this in mind.

The ThreatAdvice Partner Program is a full featured version of our robust cyber security platform that offers broad, timely cyber security education. Through the ThreatAdvice Partner Program, you can offer your customers access to web-based video classes and quizzes to educate their employees on cybersecurity, as well as a suite of cyber-awareness tools such as phishing campaigns and cyber-awareness reviews. The goal is to ultimately produce stronger companies that stay in business and stay loyal to your business.

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