Municipal Financing

Zions Bank’s experienced Municipal Finance team specializes in the municipal marketplace to provide quick and efficient financing for our municipal customers (cities, counties, schools, special districts, etc.) and vendor clients in diverse industries serving the public sector.

We provide custom financing solutions with competitive terms structured to meet fiscal constraints and adhere to requirements of federal and local law.

Customized Financed Solutions
  • Diverse Financing Structures
  • Flexible Payment Structures
  • Tax-exempt and Taxable Rates
  • Pre-payable Anytime
  • 60-Day Rate Lock
  • 15-Year Fixed Rate, 20-Year Financing Available
Documentation and Funding
  • No Bank Legal Fees
  • Timely Credit Approval
  • Indicative Rates
  • Cash Flow Modeling
Premier Provider for Equipment Leasing
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Vehicles & Transportation Equipment
  • Public Safety, Fire & EMS Equipment
  • Computer Hardware / Software
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Real Property Improvement
  • Energy Management Systems

With over 25 years of experience and over $3 Billion in direct placement and equipment lease transactions, our dedicated team has the knowledge, funding resources and success to create financing solutions for our municipal customers.

Our dedicated team

Jonathan Baker

Municipal Finance
1 South Main, 18th Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84133
Direct: 801.844.7640
Cell: 801.518-6886

Bryant Eckert

Municipal Finance
1801 East 9th Street, Suite 905
Cleveland, OH 44114
Direct: 216.559.2384

Municipal Lease Purchase Financing

Zions Bank offers Municipal Lease Purchase Financing as an efficient alternative to traditional bond financing for municipalities needing to acquire equipment and property. As a premier provider of financing with comprehensive regulatory knowledge, Zions Bank provides a streamlined process and timely solutions for the acquisition of equipment and facilities.

Municipal Lease Purchase Financing Benefits

Lease financing can be used for essential equipment such as heavy equipment and fleet vehicles, or less capital intensive expenditures such as turnout gear or software. It also provides an alternative financing solution for buildings and municipal facilities.

  • Customized, innovative financing is structured according to budget constraints and state and local laws.
  • After manageable installment payments of principal and interest, your municipality takes ownership of the asset at the end of the repayment term.
  • Equipment needs associated with multiple departments and/or vendors can be consolidated into a single master lease for consolidated control, financing efficiencies, and economies of scale.

Municipal Lease Purchase Financing Features

  • Flexible payment structure with no up-front cash required
  • Competitive rates (tax-exempt and taxable)
  • Up to 15-year fixed rates with a 20-year maximum term based upon usable life
  • 60-day rate lock period
  • Simple and efficient credit approval
  • Streamlined closing process
  • No legal fees
  • Single-source expertise with no broker or outside advisor fees
  • Pre–payable anytime without penalty

Equipment Financing

  • Fire, emergency medical, police, and school district vehicles and equipment
  • Public works and construction heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment
  • Technology needs such as computers, hardware, and software
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Hospital equipment
  • Portable buildings and modular classrooms
  • Water treatment facilities and meters
  • Telephone and communication systems
  • Energy management and efficiency systems, including HVAC systems

Real Estate

  • School Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Fire Stations