Commercial Credit Card

The Zions Bank Commercial Credit Card[cite::166::cite] is an all-in-one purchasing, travel, and expense card program designed to consolidate and streamline your payables processes. We bring you the flexibility and limits your business needs to ensure continued growth.

Commercial Credit Card Benefits and Features

  • Online Administration - Our Card Management program allows you to issue, close, and change cardholder access from the convenience of your computer.
  • Purchasing Control - Designate what types of purchases are authorized and define credit limits for individual cardholders[cite::540::cite].
  • Electronic Expense Reporting - Manage your expense report online, including card transactions and out-of-pocket items. Transmit receipts through a mobile picture upload.
  • Travel Expense Control - Create a travel expense program offering maximum flexibility and usability for traveling employees.
  • Fleet Monitoring - Facilitates easy payment for all fleet expenses, including repairs and purchases at service stations nationwide.
  • Revenue Sharing - Competitive annual profit sharing. Earn more for increased spend.
  • Extensive Reporting - Through Visa® IntelliLink, management reports help pinpoint buying trends and preferred suppliers[cite::540::cite]. Significantly reduces the costs associated with requisitions, purchase orders and checks.
  • Integration - Your card transaction data can be integrated into your accounting system through customizable reports.
  • Corporate Billing - All your Commercial Card payments are billed through a single source; reducing the time spent on administration, helping you achieve greater cost savings.
  • Account Management Team - With a dedicated account manager, you have an experienced resource to help you maximize your program’s potential.

Visa® Payables Automation

Using your Commercial Card, make your payables more powerful and boost your revenue share with Visa Payables Automation:

  • Streamline your payment and reconciliation process
  • Eliminate costly and inefficient check payments
  • Gain added control
  • Improve the security of your supplier payments

Learn More about the Zions Bank® Commercial Card

Our treasury management specialists are eager to answer any questions you might have on the Zions Bank Treasury Management Commercial Credit Card or to discuss other options that may benefit you and your business. We’d also love to talk to you about our other disbursement services, like the Zions Bank Payroll Card. Just call 800-726-7503.

Still have questions? Check out our handy AmaZing Rewards FAQs to learn more. You can also visit our comparison table to compare all the business credit cards offered by Zions Bank and find the best suited to your business.

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