Zions Bank Zip-Mortgage

Zions Bank does mortgages? Yessiree bob! Our online website offers you an easy and convenient tool to help apply for a mortgage loan as well as check the status.

Easy-to-Use Online Application

"My last mortgage required a lengthy, confusing mortgage application by hand. I had to come back to it multiple times to complete."

Not a Problem

"The Zions Bank Zip Loan is an easy-to-use, online application that you can fill out in 10 to 15 minutes."

Increased Data Accuracy

"My application process took two months and due to a mistake in the manual verification of assets, I was approved for $20,000 less than I should have been. And then there’s all the problems we had with manually uploading our documents."

Got You Covered!

"Our 24-hour automated underwriting system, automated employment verification and asset verification on top of increased data accuracy gives you a convenient borrower experience."

Faster Mortgage Process

"My first Mortgage Loan process was an epic saga including seemingly endless requests for intrusive information."

Let Me Stop You There

"The Zions Bank Zip-Mortgage application process is a faster borrower experience. We provide a more secure conduit for the upload of all your important personal documents and help with your credit report and loan pricing."

Features and Benefits

  • Easily walk through and complete your mortgage application
  • Stay informed and confident throughout the loan process
  • Conduct research, access rates, and request information 24/7
  • Securely send and receive documents
  • Accelerate the application process by running your own credit report and online verification of assets.